Package And Transferring

Package And Transferring

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The importance of Proper Packaging

During delivery, your artwork may pass through many different hands and climates, so it’s important to have a professional and proper packaging system. The safety of artworks is always one of CAMA's top priorities. Each artwork, before being transferred, needs to be carefully packed to avoid from any possible damage during transportation. The packaging process is a sensitive process that varies according to the type of artwork and transportation, and which is carried out by professionals with experience in the field. We, at CAMA Gallery, provide a tailor-made packaging for each artwork. We strive to value all artworks, taking the best care possible to deliver the artwork in pristine conditions.

Packaging Materials

Depending on the type, size and the framing conditions of the artwork the packaging materials would be varied, from bubble wrap to PVC pipe or heavy duty mailing tube, or even wooden boxes. Proper packing selected for each artwork specifically is the best protection against mechanical damages, humidity, and sunlight that can be extremely harmful. Experts in artwork packing can select the most suitable material to pack a piece of art safely. The importance of using professional artwork packaging is that all artworks should be fixed during the transportation. For an instance, artworks transported by road, especially those having off-standard size, should be treated with increased care because any bumps in the road may damage the precious items.

Transferring and Shipping

All the purchased works of art will be well packed and shipped to the buyer’s provided shipping address at no cost. The CAMA Gallery will take care of all costs for packaging and transferring works. The time it might take for the work to be reached to the buyer’s address, would be varied depending on the country and the location of the buyer.