Certificate Of Authenticity

Certificate Of Authenticity

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What is Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and it is containing details about the artwork for the collector's reference. Important details like medium, dimensions, and title will be included in the Certificate of Authenticity for each artwork.

The ability to establish the authenticity of artworks is a crucial factor of the contemporary art market. The Certificate of Authenticity is an important document that provides a detailed account of all information regarding an artwork. It applies to all mediums and assures the art buyer of the artwork’s originality and quality. This certificate assures art collectors of the longevity of their purchase. This certificate is strongly recommended in the case of ancient and historical artworks such as paintings or manuscripts.

Exhibiting the works of recognised masters of Iranian art, and benefiting from a network of experts in the field, reviews and evaluates artworks to establish their authenticity and issue Certificates of Authenticity. CAMA offers two kinds of certificates, Gold and Silver, in accordance with the requirements and demands of the artwork owner.

Importance of Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is a trustworthy proof of the premium quality and originality of an artwork. Having this certificate is helpful for art collectors, as the information that comes with this certificate will be of a great assistance while managing an art collection. An art collector, simply by having this certificate for each purchased artwork, will be able to have all required information on each artwork. This information includes, but is not limited to, date of creation, title and medium.

Registered and certified artworks cannot be copied or forged and are recognised internationally. As such, they can be seen and accessed by all art lovers around the world.

Although the artworks’ CoA can be accessed, checked and reviewed through the website of www.camagallery.com, the buyers’ credentials will remain confidential with us. You may review the details of the artwork, by entering the certificate number, written in the given CoA, into the box underneath the webpage.

Types of CoA at CAMA Gallery

A Certificate of Authenticity issued for each artwork is containing the result of authentication and evaluation by experts, an international registration number, and a verification stamp from an internationally recognised organisation. Experts in CAMA Gallery, who evaluate and authenticate artworks, are internationally well known in various fields of art. There are two types of certificates provided by CAMA Gallery, Gold or Silver, which can be issued for any original artwork, upon the buyer’s or the artist's request.

  • Silver — a silver certificate will be a proof of originality, besides the artwork will be registered under the artist’s name in our database. The originality of the certificate can be checked through our website and the whole detailed information on the artwork can be reviewed.
  • Gold — The gold certificate has all the aforementioned features of the silver certificate. Moreover, the artwork will be registered internationally. The international registration number, written in the certificate, will be registered in an international art registrar. This service provides proof of origination that can deter and prevents copying or copyright theft, and protects the work against forgery. Each Gold certificate comes with a booklet containing an internationally well-known expert’s opinion on the artwork which makes the work much valuable due to the credit of the expert. Besides, an explanation about the work will be provided, either by the artist or a well-recognised expert. Furthermore, the artist’s biography along with the issuer’s introduction will be provided in the booklet coming with the Gold certificate.

Silver Certificate

You, as the artist or the owner of the piece, can apply for a Silver Certificate once you have registered your artwork with CAMA Gallery. Next, your artwork will need to be reviewed and verified by experts.

Once authenticated and evaluated by CAMA experts, the artwork will receive a Silver Certificate, which includes: a stamp from a representative of the team of CAMA experts, a stamp from an internationally recognised relevant organisation, detailed specifications about the artwork and the owner of the artwork.

Gold Certificate

The process of obtaining a Gold Certificate is the same as that to obtain a Silver Certificate: once you have registered your artwork, it will be authenticated and evaluated by CAMA experts. Like the Silver Certificate, a Gold Certificate will provide: a stamp from a representative of the team of CAMA experts, a stamp from an internationally relevant organisation, detailed specifications about the artwork and the owner. Unique to a Gold Certificate is the possibility of having one of CAMA’s renowned experts to review the artwork, which will significantly increase the value of the work.

To apply for either Silver or Gold certificates, please contact our gallery or the representative office near you and our team of professionals will guide you throughout the way.