Artwork explanation

An artist needs an individualistic worldview to create an artwork, and he must analyse the issues surrounding society, by using his own knowledge and wisdom. This artistic approach has been created, since modernity emerged in the world and significant artworks such as Mona Lisa's painting have been drawn on this basis. The artist must have freedom of expression to create an artwork so that he can reflect surrounding by using his point of view.” Chair is one the fixed elements in his paintings. Seats that are often empty and cause the mind to think that someone is absent. If he was here, he has gone, and will no longer come back or will he come back.

Expert Opinion

“Manouchehr Motabar has built and developed his artistic world from the 1950s to the present. He is among those artists who, according to Forough Farrokhzad, one window is enough for them; which means, during the forty years of painting and designing, he has chosen few special motifs from his own personal and social life and formed them and repeat them in his artworks. These motifs, which appear in different layers of content, theme, form and expression of his artworks, reflect the periods of work, internal changes, and his attitude to personal and social events. Motabar as a professional master of drawing reflects his opinion about art and its story on his artworks. He is honouring leading artists such as Rembrandt, Honoré Daumier, Hopper, and Giacometti, and he leads his students for drawing and art, conjoined to human. Continuous designing of human face and body is an important part of his artistic practice. His artworks are not in prosaic and passive academism style, but they are accompanied by excitement, movement, and a sense of expression.”

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Manouchehr Motabar | Exhibition | CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

Manouchehr Motabar

Untitled - 2009

Mixed media on board 50 x 58 cm Frame depth 60 x 68 x 2.5 cm Signed on lower right CoA no. 1711140935132

OAR No. 101988 This artwork is unique



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