The reflection of Ahmadreza Ahmadis destruction days

The reflection of Ahmadreza Ahmadis destruction days

19 June, 2018 | Share Article

The first painting exhibition by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, a contemporary poet, titled “Thousands of Robinias were nothing compared to your eyes", was held in CAMA Gallery.


The first painting exhibition by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, a contemporary poet, titled “Thousands of Robinias were nothing compared to your eyes", was held in CAMA Gallery. The exhibition showcased 45 watercolour paintings from the poet, which have been produced and featured with the help of Majid Barzegar, the cinema director.​

These paintings, which according to poet himself, are the reflection of his complete spiritual destruction. These beautiful and simple works, are an expression of the artist’s inner being and can be considered as a reminder of his poems. The exhibition from the beginning hours of the opening ceremony, has been widely welcomed by audiences and folks of cinema, music, literature and visual arts.

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi says in a memo to the exhibition: Painting with water colours was neither funny nor a joy. They were done in the days that my soul was completely destroyed. The days of constant depression, when the earth fled from underneath my feet, and the roof of the sky was so low that I was suffocated. Initially, I started with fear. My friend, Abolfazl Hamati Ahouei, tried to solace me and he was taking me to his studio. His young students, with their lively faces, encouraged me to paint. The fear of painting, reminded me of my first book "Tarh" that Massoud Kimayee helped me to remember myself. On Wednesdays, I used to go to my friend’s atelier (Hemati) and he was always watching the water colours with patience. On those days which I had forgotten myself, my life had been transparent and clear but I knew the time of demise was near. As I knew the battery that was in my heart is my compass, so the water colours were born by my friend’s support, and my days slowly became pleasant. Considering these colours as a reflection of those days, which my soul and body were destroyed.
Whatever strong reason you give for life to be continued, the death is blind and death but the lover’s footprints are lasting in the snow and will not melt away. 

Majid Barzegar, writer, director and producer of cinema, said about holding a painting exhibition by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi titled “Thousands of Robinias were nothing compared to your eyes", which is showcasing in the CAMA Gallery these days: "Ahmad Reza Ahmadi's position as one of the most important personalities of contemporary poetry and literature, is clear for all of us. This artist, after publishing his book entitled "Tarh", develops another form of Persian poetry and has profound effects on literature; in fact, he converts Persian poetry literature into a phase that we are witnessing today.”

He added: "He had no previous experience in painting, but in my opinion, in a large part of these paintings, serious and controversial experiences can be seen.”

The theme that exists in the paintings and the courage that led to such a decision to create these works is admirable. In fact, these paintings, are an attempt to convey his feelings by colour on paper. He has no previous experience in painting and did the same thing as he does in his poems but this time with colour.
Barzegar emphasized: Ahmadi's works are composed of a mixture of simple colours of watercolour and white paper, but the painter considered them as a complete artwork and signed it. Ahmadi has been at the centre of art since the 40's and has been closely associated with many painters, poets, filmmakers and composers and his mind and eyes are naturally accustomed to the artistic work and he knows art very well.
The director stated: "When this artist paints, he seems to decide with a poetic and unconscious mind. Maybe these colors are very simple to combine, but in his opinion, the work is over. For me, this decision once again proves that education is not the only important thing, but what matters is how emotional the artist is and how this courage is transmitted to his artwork.
Today, with the tools that come into the arts and technology arena, complex work can be produced and by mastering digital tools and techniques, is producing a new concept. You should just have the idea and run it with a 3D printer, you finally have a statue, although you are not a sculptor, it is your creator and belongs to your mind.

In another part of his remarks, Barzegar pointed out: "I think that Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, as he himself pointed out, created collection of these paintings in a period of the spiritual destruction of the book Tabestan va Gham (Summer and Sorrow) and this exhibition is also the product of that era. Ahmadi himself does not claim to do professional work because it is merely a reflection of his inner states and, of course, this is the real meaning of art, because otherwise we will be faced with a custom work.

He added: "When I was in appointment with Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, I once realized that he paints and even one or two people had seen them and said they were not good, but I felt that these works are capable of showcasing and they were created about contemporary painting without a claim. The artist himself was skeptical at first, but I accepted the job and entered into a few galleries, which ultimately CAMA Gallery accepted to show them. 

Barzegar said about the exhibition: The presence of artists, young painters and collectors, as well as welcoming ordinary people from the exhibition was remarkable. The interesting thing is that all the works were sold, and this, shows the importance of the works and the personality of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi. Meanwhile, last Friday he attended the exhibition and met with his visitors.”

He added:” He was not much in the process of establishing an exhibition, and he was more at home, and I occasionally gave him an overview of the process of setting up the exhibition and I asked him to write a note for the exhibition. He was very good on the opening day when he came to the exhibition; the strange happenings, presence of the artists and the enthusiasm of young painters brought him energy. As far as he may continue painting.”

Barzegar continued:” He is a professional artist and poet and has more than 90 books and after the revolution, every year he has published one or two books. He also has written plays and novels and if the energy of the fair was good for him, he may continue to paint.”

He also added: “I do hope Ahmadreza Ahmadi lives healthy always. Let's not forget that no one can take another one's place. He played a leading role in our contemporary culture and art and is a pure gem of Persian poetry, and we are proud of his presence and existence. It was important that I myself took energy and felt good during this exhibition. People like Ahmadreza are my symbols and their ability of keeping distance from the sidelines and paying attention to the main content, shows the importance of the work to them.”

At the end of the day, Barzegar remarked:” his working during depression and illness is very instructive for me and remind me the famous phrase:” the more you work, the better results you get.”