The Missing Roots a reminder of Iranian woven

The Missing Roots a reminder of Iranian woven

21 February, 2019 | Share Article

This artist, stating that the roots of Iranian culture and art are obsolete, said: “with the missing roots I want to evoke Iranian woven.”

According to the Shabestan News Agency’s correspondent, an exhibition of Sepideh Ashrafi’s works titled the “Missing Roots”, will be held on Friday, February 15 at the CAMA Gallery. The works showcased at this exhibition are often in the form of calligram and created by the combination of Iranian calligraphy and carpet weaving. This exhibition was an opportunity to discuss with the artist as follow:

Why did you choose “Missing Roots” as the title of the exhibition? What was your appropriate concept?
“Currently, many of our students and artists use the roots of Western art to create works, but there are roots in Iranian culture and art which remained intact, and for this reason, I chose the title “Missing Roots” to evoke Iranian art by this excuse and the recreation of woven.”

Explain the technique of your works in this exhibition?
“I used acrylic, mixed media and collage in the creation of the “Missing Root” exhibition. The whole technique of my work is acrylic; of course, in a series of works, I used the woven and kilim in a collage, and in other works, I used tissues that instilled the texture and the sensation of the woven fabric.” 

When did you start working on this style?
“I have entered the field of calligraphy and calligram since the year 2007, and I have been working on this subject and technique for five years; the works presented in the CAMA Gallery are the result of my recent five years of experience in the field of calligram.”

When did this style come from, or did you create it?
“This style consists of combining calligraphy and woven or some kind of kilim and craftsmanship; I personally gained experience during these years, but in contemporary times, and perhaps earlier, artists have been using these authentic traditions in different kinds.”

How many exhibitions have you ever had?
“I have been taking part in group exhibitions and workshops since 2007, and I have also had experience in individual exhibitions.”

How many works are presented at the “Missing Roots” exhibition?
“15 works are shown for the first time at the “Missing Roots” exhibition, in the CAMA Gallery.” 

What are the dimensions of the exhibition?
“The dimensions of my works are different in the “Missing Roots” exhibition; some works are 100x150 cm, and some of them are smaller works provided at the exhibition.” 

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition of “Missing Roots” will be held at the CAMA Gallery on Friday, February 15; those who interested in visiting this exhibition can visit Pasdaran Street, Golestan 10th, No. 44, Farin Building.