The greatest tableau of peace will create in Iran

The greatest tableau of peace will create in Iran

19 June, 2018 | Share Article

On the occasion of the Red Cross Week, the 10-meter philanthropy and peace tableau will be created at Ali Akbar Industrial Museum.

Farhad Ali Akbari, the director of the Hilal Ahmar museum, announced the creation of the largest peace and philanthropy tableau in Iran. He said: "Considering that the 8th of May is the Red Cross day and Hilal Ahmar Week, we decided to create the biggest peace and philanthropy tableau in Iran.”
He continued: “This workshop, in which there are more than 15 professional painters and designer artists, will display symbols and signs of peace and philanthropy on a 10-meter canvas”.
Director of Hilal Ahmar said: "There are many signs and descriptions of peace around the world, but it is safe to say that this 10-meter tableau, is the biggest work in this field, which will be performed in Iran”.
Ali Akbari announced the participation of the people in the creation of this tableau and stated: "People who come to the industrial museum and attend this show will also participate in this work, but this participation does not necessarily mean that they should work.”
He emphasized that at the performance of this work, sometimes the shape of hands and body of the visitors will be used, which is a kind of participation, because this presence is very important for the Hilal Ahmar Society.
Director of the Hilal Ahmar Museums added: "All works in Hilal Ahmar is voluntary; On the same basis, the participation of the people is a necessary requirement that we care about in art work as well”.
Ali Akbari also added: "This artwork will be also exhibited at the Ali Akbar Industrial Museum and maybe it will be shown at the Geneva Red Cross Museum, which will soon be determined”.

Azita Safavi, director of the Peace and Friendship Workshop, considered this project as a positive step, and said: “The artists present in this project are basically those who have been present in most cultural activities and have done numerous works related to environmental and urban culture.”
She also added:” "We have tried to do group work with the presence of 15 professional artists on a 10-meter tableau with a width of 1.5 meters”.
Director of the Peace Workshop stated: “Considering the artists who participated in this project had experience of such actions before, on the same basis, after determining the dimensions and details of the work, we had a meeting in coordination with them, which caused each artist made his own idea in the general outline”.
Safavi continued: "In this tableau, we are trying to present a more popular plan because we have come to experience that art can affect people better than any other method."
She emphasized: "Obviously people can communicate better with concepts through artworks, so we tried to increase the connections of the artistic community with people in this way.”

Hossein Tadi, the artist present at the workshop, also considered this project as a positive event and said: "We are a country that experienced the war; on this basis, working on a theme of peace and friendship, makes a great passion in our artists”.
He added: “People directly participate in this project because this artwork is figurative and we create templates on the tableau using people.”
The artist commented: “Due to the presence of designer artists, the design element in this work is very prominent.”
Tadi continued, "The interaction between artists is very good for the creation of this great peace and philanthropy tableau and I hope that such actions can be cultivated in the field of peace and philanthropy."
He said: "Considering that the Ali Akbar Industrial Museum is one of the busiest parts of Tehran, to many people visited and asked a lot about this event.”
It is worth mentioning that in this workshop, Amin Timar, Amir Mohammadzadeh, Hossein Tadi, Raheleh Ghavi Panje, Azin Rostami, Zahra Niko Ray, Mohammad Forouhide, SanazPassandideh, Zahra Dadvar, Chakameh Farhoudi, Hossein Ghafouri, Behnam Bakhshi, Narges Ehrabi Fakhr and Mohammad Reza Jabiri are present as performer artists.
According to this report, enthusiasts to attend can visit the Museum of Ali Akbar Industrial, until May 11 at No. 56, beginning of Ferdowsi Street, the northwest side of Imam Khomeini Square, Tehran.