Showcasing Untitled at CAMA Gallery

Showcasing Untitled at CAMA Gallery

03 August, 2018 | Share Article

The paintings by unknown modernists, during the years of 1921 to 1986, are displayed in the Untitled exhibition at CAMA gallery.

As Nooriato Magazine reported: “The Untitled exhibition features 19 artworks created by unknown modernists from 1921 to 1986, owning by Moein Notash as an art collector. Most of these works have been proven to be ancient. Some paintings are signed and some are without signature.” Mona Khosheghbal curator and director of CAMA gallery said. 

“There are very good artists who were unknown in the world of art, for any reason. The message of this exhibition is that if the work by an artist has not been seen or displayed, it will always remain unknown unless shown in an event. “To enter the art market, each artist needs to work with an art director and associate with an art gallery.” Khosheghbal explained.

“The Untitled painting exhibition will depict the silhouette of Iranian art, and in fact this exhibition is held in the purpose of research on the works of unknown artists of 1921 to 1986.” She added.

According to Mona Khosheghbal, one of these works, is a painting created by Bibi Gohar Bakhtiyar in 1925, at the same period of the European modern art. This work has signs of Cubism and has been created under influence of Pablo Picasso and George Braque. It is very strange that at the same time, our great artists copied the works by painters of European realism, while a long time has been past from the era of realism in Europe. The interesting point is that Bibi Gohar Bakhtiyar’s work has been painted in a modern style of European art.

“I gathered some of these works from a collection, collected by my father and grandfather, as old collectors, and some of them from my own collection to be exhibited in Untitled at CAMA Gallery.”, said Moein Notash.

“This collection presents various styles from abstract to surreal and Saqqakhaneh school.” He said about the styles of the works displayed in Untitled exhibition.

“90 percent of paintings showcased in Untitled exhibition represent a high-level of creation. Unfortunately, for any reason, the artists are unknown to the art market.” Notash remarked.

The show will continue at CAMA Gallery until 13 August. The venue is located at Unit 2, No. 44, 10th Golestan St., Pasdaran St.