Iranian artworks Christies showroom in eastern London A long quay for Middle East art in front of the Christian building

Iranian artworks Christies showroom in eastern London A long quay for Middle East art in front of the Christian building

01 December, 2017 | Share Article

Mehrangiz Ghahreman says: Just a few hours is left for the Christie's Middle Eastern Art Auction in London, to get started and the James Street is experiencing a different mood.


Official office center of Christie’s, which is in James Street in London, has different atmosphere today. Many people gather in front of Building No. 8 to buy an artwork of Middle East artists. This is the twenty-third Middle East Christie’s festival and it is so different from previous ones because it is not holding in Dubai and it will be held in the official office center of this prestigious international auction. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for European collectors and dealers to closely observe and purchase the Statue of Modern Middle Eastern Artists.

Since Saturday, the exhibition section of the auction is going to hold in this showroom, and in the middle of this small space, an auction room will place.

Accordingly, from today, which is the last day for visiting this exhibition, there is a long quay in front of the Christian building. This is duplex building consisting of a small hall on the first floor and three large salons on the second floor.

 Auction guides welcome visitors at the entrance and help them to find the considered artworks.

The first floor of the building has a very small hall, with a few number of artworks belonging to Iranian artists. The miniatures, which represent the ancient Iranian culture and history, and Eastern Art Lovers look at them carefully.

The second floor of the building consists of three halls, which its walls filled with carpets from eastern countries.

It seems that visitors are walking through the magnificent gardens of the Far East and they drowned in this beautiful part of the arts and culture of the planet.





In one of the largest salons, Paintings by artists from different countries are presenting.
The number of artworks of Iranian artists has become more significant among others and they have a big contribution.
There are two ‘Heech’ statues of Parviz Tanavoli in the middle of the salon, which are very interesting for audiences and they are much better than the other three artworks, which have done by eastern artists.
Along with these artworks, there is a limited collection of tools and gadgets from Far East that are inside glass chambers.
Now it is only a few hours before the opening of the most important auctions in the world. According to the high profile of Iran and the artworks presented, we hope that these artworks will be sold with an exceptional price and we can see the name of Iran at the top of the world's art news and provide an opportunity for collectors who want to use these artworks in positive ways.