Here Is the Artist List for the 2017 Moscow Biennale

Here Is the Artist List for the 2017 Moscow Biennale

22 August, 2017 | Share Article

The Moscow Biennale has revealed the artist list for its 2017 edition, which will be curated by Yuko Hasegawa. Titled “Clouds ⇄ Forests,” the biennial opens on September 19 and runs through January 18, 2018.

Mathieu Merlet-Briand, Triptych Google Red, Google Yellow, Google Blue. Hommage à Alexandre Rodtchenko, 2015.

Some 52 artists are set to participate in the main sector of the biennial’s seventh edition, which will explore “a new eco-system formed through a circulation of ‘Cloud Tribes,’ who were born in the Internet cloud space, and ‘Forest Tribes’ who are born on cultural origins,” according to a statement. The works by these artists will be on view at Moscow’s State Tretyakov Gallery. An app will also be produced, allowing viewers to access information about pieces by Björk, Matthew Barney, Pierre Huyghe, Ryan Trecartin, and others.

The artist list follows in full below.

Nadim Abbas, Hong Kong

Adel Abidin, Iraq / Finland / Jordan

Nindityo Adipurnomo, Indonesia

Farah Atassi, Belgium / USA

Kanako Azuma, Japan

Matthew Barney, USA

Natalia Bazowska, Poland

Bahar Behbahani, Iran / USA

Björk, Iceland / United Kingdom

Hussein Chalayan, Cyprus / United Kingdom

Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Israel & Belgium / United Kingdom

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, United Kingdom

Rohini Devasher, India

Louise Drulhe, France

Olafur Eliasson, Denmark / Germany

Justine Emard & Mirai Moriyama, France / Japan

Cécile B. Evans, USA / Germany

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Russia

Valia Fetisov, Russia

“Forensic Architecture”, United Kingdom

Theaster Gates, USA

Gauri Gill, India

Marta Gornicka, Poland

Alina Gutkina, Russia

Joey Holder, United Kingdom

Elliott Hundley, USA

Pierre Huyghe, France / USA

Ali Kazma, Turkey

Nile Koetting, Japan / Germany

Siji Krishnan, India

Alexey Martins, Russia

Mathieu Merlet-Briand, France

Marie-Luce Nadal, France / Spain

Michael Najjar, Germany

Koji Nakazono, Japan

Dashi Namdakov, Russia

Uriel Orlow, Switzerland / United Kingdom

Anastasia Potemkina, Russia

Laure Prouvost, France / Belgium

Aurora Sander, Norway / Germany

Susan Schuppli, United Kingdom

Sayaka Shimada, Japan

Wieki Somers, Netherlands

Yuken Teruya, Japan / USA

Sissel Tolaas, Norway / Germany

Michael Tolmachev, Russia

Ryan Trecartin, USA

Hanna Tuulikki, Finland / United Kingdom

Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky, Russia

“Where Dogs Run”, Russia

Robert Zhao Renhui, Singapore

Marina Zurkow, USA