A New York Minute Everyday Dramas On The City Streets

A New York Minute Everyday Dramas On The City Streets

28 August, 2017 | Share Article

Actor and photographer Dan Ziskie is best known for playing the vice-president in House of Cards, but the pictures he takes offer intriguing glimpses into the theatre of real life – a reminder that every passerby has a story

Ziskie grew up in Detroit. He was working as a photographer’s assistant in Chicago in the 1970s when he first started acting, becoming involved in improvisational theatre

‘Inside the sense of constant emergency that can seem to exist … you sometimes find a sense of privacy. As if you were for a moment alone. And that’s often where I look to take my picture,’

‘For me, New York is not so much the story of people passing in their multitudes but rather the story told as if people in the multitudes were speaking to me as they pass, but in my limitations, I can only make out a few things every now and then’ says Dan Ziskie.

Ziskie hit the streets daily for several years, photographing with a digital 35mm camera.

He said ‘New things, different things, happen only because of what happened just a moment before’