Buyers FAQ

Buyers FAQ

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Shipping and Packaging

  • Depending on the type, size and the framing conditions of the artwork the packaging materials would be varied, from bubble wrap to PVC pipe or heavy duty mailing tube, or even wooden boxes. Proper packing selected for each artwork specifically is the best protection against mechanical damages, humidity, and sunlight that can be extremely harmful. Experts in artwork packing can select the most suitable material to pack a piece of art safely.

  • CAMA manages the shipping process to be done by the best shipping providers to make sure of the safety and the quality of the shipment. We will cover all the expenses and there are no hidden costs for the buyers, apart from duties/ or taxes, which in certain circumstances might be applicable during the checkout. We have calculated all the expenses to make sure there is nothing surprizing the buyers, thus, what you see is what you pay.

  • Arriving your package is depending on your location and may be varied time to time.

  • The tracking options would be varied, thus, once an order is being placed, we will inform you for tracking number and tracking options.

  • As a customer of CAMA gallery you have the right to cancel a purchase without giving reasons within seven days from the date you received the goods. Our return process is easy. When you first receive your purchase, save the original packaging. Repackage the art in its original box and contact us at We will provide you with the return shipping address so that you can ship the artwork with the carrier of your choice. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping and any customs and brokerage fees charged upon return.

  • You may visit our physical galleries to vie the artwork in person. Besides, there are numerous exhibitions held each year at CAMA’s physical gallery spaces. You can check our Exhibitions timetable and schedules on the “Exhibitions” page. Additionally, there are some events by CAMA gallery organized in different cities throughout the world. Moreover, there is another option for our “Private Members”. Our Private Members would be able to view some of the artwork by visiting our storage, for which, prior notice would be needed.

  • When packaging artworks, we make sure the packages are suitable for shipping each piece of art. In the other words, packages are custom build to each artwork to insure a safe delivery. Hence, receiving damaged artwork is a rare occurrence. If you receive a damaged piece of art, contact us within 24 hours at Please save the box and all packaging material; we must have these items in order to process the claim.

Purchasing From CAMA

  • If your credit card is being declined during purchase, please double-check the information you entered and review your bank’s daily withdrawal limit. If you still experience difficulties, we advise that you contact your bank or credit card provider and ask for their assistance.

  • Yes, in order to place an order, you first need to have an account with CAMA organization, which can be created across all CAMA websites. Once you created an account, using the same Email and password you can login to all our websites. Through your CAMA account, in the gallery website you will be able to select any number of artworks and proceed to your shopping cart to finalise the purchase. After making payment, the order will be appeared under the account page.

  • After selecting artworks to purchase if you changed your mind and wanted to remove one from the list, simply click on the “X” icon on top right corner of the item.

  • The first way is to check CAMA Gallery’s website on daily basis. The art/artists would be added to the website periodically. To sign up for the newsletter also would give the opportunity of being up to date.

    There is of course another way to make sure all the new works will be introduced to you first and then would be appeared on the website. To have this opportunity, you would need to have a “Private Member” account. In case you are interested in having this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact our team at CAMA and we will get back to you as possible.

  • The signature situation is pointed on the website. Hence, prior to placing an order for purchasing an artwork it is better to check all information. The signature situation, whether it has a signature and if so, where it is located, could be seen on the artwork’s details.

Exploring CAMA


  • Registration is simple but full of advantages. Creating account in CAMA gallery, will make you a member of CAMA organization, which provides you with the opportunity of having account on all other subsets of CAMA organization. You are registering to one website and will be able to login to other websites too. Thus, having one set of credentials would be enough to login to 13 websites and benefitting from the provided services on each.

  • There is a special type of membership in the CAMA organization called “Private Member”, in which custom and tailor-made services would be provided. CAMA gallery, as a subset of CAMA organization, has considered special facilities and service to offer to CAMA’s Private Members.

    If you need more information on this type of membership, please contact us using the contact form here. To apply for Private Membership, please contact us at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible, once the decision has been made. Our response time might be varied depending on the number of applications.