Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

cama gallery services

Wide Range of Selection

We have an unparalleled selection of paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings in various categories, created in different styles satisfying all kind of collectors, art lovers and organizations. The wide range of selection enables buyers to select their desired piece of art fitting their taste and demand.

Investing in Art

More and more investors are looking at the art market as an alternative to traditional investment assets. At the same time, numerous academic studies have tried to determine the returns for art over the years. Perhaps though, a key part of the investment return in the art market is that part that cannot be measured, which make the investment much interesting.


CAMA offers free advisory to the interested buyers, enabling them to choose the most suitable work of art appropriate for their needs. To benefit from our experienced professionals in the field, please contact our representative offices or galleries. Any artwork you would like to purchase, the highly experienced curator at CAMA Gallery will select works tailored to your needs, taste, space and style.

Shipping Cost

We handle all aspects of international shipping and customs for a completely hassle-free delivery. We have included the price of shipping within the artwork price. What you see is what you pay, thus, no hidden fees would surprize you and the price appearing on each work would be the final price.

Looking for a specific piece of art?

Stop searching through all online or physical galleries and not getting what you have been looking for. Our tailor-made programs enable buyers to order any specific work of art and our experts in the field will provide you with what you have been waiting for. We will 100% guarantee the originality and authenticity of the piece which makes the buyers more confident with their purchase.