Artwork explanation

The large tree trunk with their hard boughs and stretched barks, which represent their youth, are standing, multiple in a row, so that the artist captures them in the middle of their trunks and records them in grey-brown colours, on canvas and cardboard. Using the simple shapes with the slightest tinting, is the best way to express everything in a simple form, in the painting. For Sohrab, who composes simple poems and lives a simple life and although his artistic sensitivities are in contrast with mentally social oppressions, in his paintings also, he has followed the principle of simplicity. Although figures in Sohrab’s painting are fixed, but his observation of the repetitive forms, in most of his painting, is different; Of course, this does not apply to tree trunks, which are Sohrab's favourite subjects for painting.

The static and immobile horizons, which are shown with a simple line, small thatched houses, which are often placed in the bottom corner of the painting, trees and the intelligently selected parts of nature, represents the distinction in Sohrab’s observation. Sohrab's look at nature in his paintings, comes from the same general look that he showed in his poems, which makes it expectable, but Sohrab's pictorial choices increase the charm of this expectation about relations between his paintings and poems

Expert Opinion

“Sepehri’s paintings are pure Iranian paintings. His compositions represent the noble and simple face of Iran. His artworks, like all unselfish Iranian Artworks, embody the depth of Iranian thoughts and life. Thoughtful motifs on a copper-silver vessel, the cut on a wooden spoon, a schema on a mud jug, a poem written in a woven Kilim, a natural and purely artistic grandeur that filled the background of carpet, schemas on the bricks, doors, windows, covers and books; all are being used in our unselfish people and merged to their lives. Sohrab’s paintings have the same thoughtful motifs, native and courtesy mood, simplicity and unselfishness. Transparency of his colours, is as bright as light. Creating his artworks, reflects the same unpretentiousness in his paintings. A great expertise is needed for creating such smooth and simple artwork, but with a solid composition and unobtrusive look. They should easily pass through the eye, schemas, and colours, and the corridors of thought and portrayed on the canvas. The artist must be transparent like a crystal, so that the sunlight can easily pass through him and reflect the artist's spectrum. The level of this purity and transparency, is the level of artistic purity, in which, Sepehri reflects the Iranian nature and the nature of the Iranian thoughts, in a pure way.”

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Sohrab Sepehri | Exhibition | CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

Sohrab Sepehri

Untitled - 1970

Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm Frame depth 115 x 96 x 6 cm Signed on lower left CoA no. 1711150818129

OAR No. 102000 This artwork is unique



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