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Reza Hosseini’s technique of paintings, is based on creating wide colour spots on the canvas. The spots of colours divide the canvas into distinct levels, which gives the painter, the opportunity of creating various levels and spaces in his artwork, by increasing and decreasing them. On the other hand, the artist’s different behaviour in using colour spots, which normally allows viewers to follow the direction and motion of the brush, versus the flat colours, creates the imagination of dimension and depth in the artwork. In some case, the forms in painting, also, reminds the audience of the natural elements, such as tree, in which, the flat colours in the background intensify this feeling and deception. According to this feature, his artworks have a unique trait, which leads the look and mind of the audience and influences that by various visual tricks. As the result, audience, by observing his artworks, constantly sees different things and shapes, which might have a real object or just have been created by colour spots. From this perspective, Reza Hosseini’s paintings simulate the viewer’s imagination to constantly imagine different things

Expert Opinion

“Reza Hosseini is one of the painters, who has blossomed gradually in creativity. He passed through Classicism to Modernism, by his comprehensive understanding of the necessities, and not by external forces. The way of exerting colours and the maturity of lines, is a gift that he acquired from Classicism and which, he has brought to the world of modern painting in his artworks. He is an artist and creator, who knows his intentions and has never been restricted by the rules, which lead to plagiarism and predictable repetitive stereotype work (these painters produce an artwork, which is neither creative nor of their own ingenuity), nor has he been waiting for inspiration by chance, which could come to mind while painting. It is undoubtedly true that, chance is one of the essential tools, used by every artist, but art is not merely the product of absolute inspiration by chance. The product of such painters frequently is an absolute decorative work. Hosseini creates the incidents and leads them to the conclusion, which he seeks. The artists, who are bound to regulations and obligations of Classicism or those who are waiting for inspiration, although they are inconsistent with each other, share a common trait, which is ignoring and humiliating the mind or intellects of the patrons of the arts. These two groups of artists give an impression to the audiences, which, if not negative, is at least shallow. The first group have nothing to offer and the work of the second group, if it is presented without explanation and self-interpretation, does not represent anything, as it has no message to convey. Hosseini respects the patrons of his artwork, to whom he wishes to convey his message. In his paintings he always searches to find the best format for his message, and conveys it in a brilliant and most eloquent manner of expression. In his painting, each colour and line, no matter how blurred or insignificant, plays a part in the integrity of his work, representing his mental activity and demonstrates the way, in which he wishes to convey his message. Hosseini creates the embryo and brings it to maturity in his paintings, for the audiences and art lovers.”

Other works by Reza Hosseini

CAMA Gallery | Reza Hosseini | Untitled

Reza Hosseini (b.1948)

Untitled , 2015

Signed, 2015 Mixed media on canvas 100 x 120 x 4 cm

CAMA Gallery | Reza Hosseini | Untitled

Reza Hosseini (b.1948)

Untitled , 2018

Signed, 2018 Oil on canvas 80 x 74 cm

CAMA Gallery | Reza Hosseini | Untitled

Reza Hosseini (b.1948)

Untitled , 2016

Signed, 2016 Mixed media on canvas 150 x 200 cm

CAMA Gallery | Reza Hosseini | Untitled

Reza Hosseini (b.1948)

Untitled , 2019

Signed, 2019 Mixed media on canvas 135 x 170 cm

Reza Hosseini

Untitled - 2016

Oil on canvas 130 x 130 cm Signed on lower left CoA no. 1806121111149

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