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All the paintings that I have drawn, in these 60 years, have been protesting human beings. My painting is a protest. In the nature that I create, I show my protest to the car, and tell the human, if you want to live in this nature, what is all this devastation for? It has been said that, during these three decades, 250 creatures have been removed from the life cycle, by human.

In my paintings, there is no trace of human. There is tree, horse, plain and fog. This is my objection to human, as I believe that the whole nature is the love and beauty. Bird, feeder, flower, tree and so on, God created all these, so we can live, but we do everything, except of living! Why is not human, really, able to live in this nature? Since cars came, there is neither air, nor sound. There is just pollution, from air pollution to the noise pollution. These are the things, that I have explicitly stated in my paintings.

Expert Opinion

Each time, by looking at the narrow and delicate trees, which hatch the cloudy sky and the skewed hachures of the roofs’ red earthenware of the roofs and the abandoned horses, we are reminded by Mahjoubi’s artworks. His visual world is made up of an easy and impossible way. He, by skilfully selection of watery colours, creates a calm and gentle environment, while at the same time,  is able to induce the sadness of homesickness and enthusiasm, for returning to the instant memories, distinct, noble and beautiful places.

Aydin Aghdashlou

Other works by Hossein Mahjoubi

CAMA Gallery | Hossein Mahjoubi | Untitled

Hossein Mahjoubi (b.1930)

Untitled , 2016

Signed, 2016 Oil on canvas 80 x 120 cm

CAMA Gallery | Hossein Mahjoubi | Untitled

Hossein Mahjoubi (b.1930)

Untitled , 1981

Signed, 1981 Oil on canvas 52 x 72 x 2 cm

Hossein Mahjoubi

Untitled - 2013

Oil on canvas 120 x 80 cm Signed on lower left CoA no. 1705041448567

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