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Venus series Behind the calm and poised surface of his paintings one can see and hear the silent screams of all the girls and women who for centuries have suffered repression under the heavy hands of our extreme patriarchal societies. Whether this suppression comes from the outside or the sad self-censorship within, Derakhshandeh beautifully illustrates the pain with which these women live through, day in, day out.

Expert Opinion

Hooman Derakhshandeh is a painter.
He is not a painter just because he paints.
He is a painter because he knows the concept of painting. Imagination, expansion of view, proper knowledge, extreme dedication to art and a free mind is essential to becoming a fine artist.

Our artist has a great imagination and a strong sense of design, he knows form and colors, he has extended and opens view, and he works free and comfortable.

He has been painting since childhood, having full support of his parents whom understood his talents well and lead him to become the artist he is today. This support and understanding along with his dedication to art combined with hard work resulted in bright and promising results.
Lili Golestan

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Hooman Derakhshandeh | Exhibition | SENSATION

London Gallery


group exhibition, 05 April - 20 June

Other works by Hooman Derakhshandeh

CAMA Gallery | Hooman Derakhshandeh | Lorazepam

Hooman Derakhshandeh (b.1980)

Lorazepam , 2015

Venus Signed, 2015 Acrylic and oil on canvas 100 x 130 x 5 cm

CAMA Gallery | Hooman Derakhshandeh | Untitled

Hooman Derakhshandeh (b.1980)

Untitled , 2018

Venous Signed, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 158 x 244 cm

Hooman Derakhshandeh

Entry - 2016

Venus series Acrylic and oil on canvas 120 x 200 x 8 cm Frame depth 132 x 212 x 8 cm Signed on top CoA no. 1803131229235

OAR No. 102191 This artwork is unique



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