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Following different experiments with Latin alphabets and practices on thick surfaces of colour and creating different textures, in small size artworks, I focused on form of the Persian alphabets more than before. Then, gradually, the size of artworks had grown up and combining alphabets, with oil, on the canvas, in the form of Siah Mashgh (repetition of alphabets), have been experienced. 

After that, I tried numerous techniques, from changing the colours by various methods, such as Petina and paling the alphabets, washing the colour from top to bottom, as a destructive texture, to experiencing the gold and silver foils and finally, using fluorescence colours and coloured gilding. 

As the result, I achieved new experiences in the method of performing Persian alphabets in the form of Nastaliq, with more complex texture and backgrounds

Expert Opinion

“Fereydoun Omidi is a professional and expert artist, who, after thirty years of painting, presents a wealth of experience in his artworks. Regarding his artworks, there are number of common points among the professional experts in art. The shaping process of Omidi’s visual world, has been started since 1995. His designs, have a fluid and personal quality, which, in its time, have been progressive and conscious. 

These artworks contain the visual rationality of the arrangement of human shape along with action lines and abandoning the predefined design of the era. He started Persian abstract calligraphy since 1380s, and his calligraphic collections have been considered as the most famous artworks of him, until 1993. 

This part of the artworks reflects his desire for conceptual spaces. The artist’s attempt in eliminating calligraphy, from visual signs, has stopped in the stage of making changes into media, such as collage and usage of diverse colours. Achieving a wide range of media, such as video, could be considered as the result of this attempt. Omidi’s achievement in his artworks, has been resulted from his curiosity and passion in painting.”

Javid Ramezani

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Fereydoon Omidi | Exhibition | SENSATION

London Gallery


group exhibition, 05 April - 20 June

Other works by Fereydoon Omidi

CAMA Gallery | Fereydoon Omidi | Blue

Fereydoon Omidi (b.1967)

Blue , 2012

Signed, 2012 Oil on canvas 140 x 140 x 6 cm

Fereydoon Omidi

UK - 2014

Flags series Oil and flourescent color with corona on canvas 160 x 210 x 4 cm Signed on back CoA no. 1803142018437

OAR No. 102188 This artwork is unique



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