Sirak Melkonian

Sirak Melkonian

Sirak Melkonian was born in Fardoun Village, Iran,1931.  He studied painting with Marcos Grigorian, a pioneer of Iranian Modern art.

In the 1950s, Melkonian along with artists E. Svarchian, R. Zarian and R.A. Hayrapetian was associated with Studio Démon, a small arts studio in Tehran that produced popular works.

He gained national recognition in 1957, winning a prize at the Contemporary Iranian Artist Exhibition of the Iran American Society. This was followed by the Imperial Court Prize at the Tehran Biennale in 1958 and first prize at the Paris Biennale in 1959. The artist has exhibited at the Grand Palais and the Salon De Mont Rouge in Paris, as well as Washington International. He has more than 140 solo exhibitions in various countries such as Iran, France, Greece, United States of America and Canada and more than 40 group exhibitions in Iran, Italy, France, USA, Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Armenia. He currently lives and teaches painting in Toronto, Canada.


  • Winning a prize in the Contemporary Iranian Artist Exhibition of the Iran American Society (1957) •    The Imperial Court Prize Tehran Biennale (1958)
  • First prize for the Tehran Paris Biennale (1959)
  • First prize for International Art Exhibition in Tehran (1974)

Solo exhibitions:

  • Arshel Gorky Art Gallery, Canada, Toronto (2004)
  • Bay Side Gallery, USA, C.A (2001)
  • AMV Graphic Organization, Canada, Toronto (1997)
  • Studio Café, New Port, USA, C.A (1987)
  • PM Collection, USA, Los Angeles (1986)
  • Gorky Gallery, USA, New York (1983)
  • Athen, Greece (1981)
  • Zand Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1978)
  • Odermatt Gallery, France, Paris (1976)
  • Zarvan Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1973)
  • Iran-India Culture Relation Society, Iran, Tehran (1962)
  • Estetic Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1957)

Group exhibitions:

  • To the Memory of Momayez, University of Iran, Tehran (2006)
  • Lazar Gallery, Iran, Tehran (2004)
  • A Selection of Iranian Contemporary Art, Over 3 Generations, Armenian National Gallery, Armenia, Yerevan (2004)
  • Arta Gallery, Canada, Toronto (2004)
  • Canadian Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Arta Gallery Distillery District, Canada, Toronto (2003) 
  • Canadian-Armenian Artists Exhibition, Canada & USA (2000-2001)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran, Tehran (2000)
  • Arvest 97 Contemporary Armenian Artists Exhibition, Los Angeles Central Library, USA, Los Angeles (1997)
  • Contemporary American Artists Exhibition, Baghoomian Gallery, New York – USA (1995)
  • Canadian Artists Exhibition, AGBU Center, Canada, Toronto (1995)
  • Iranian Artists Group Exhibition, France, Paris (1990)
  • Group Exhibition (A Collection of Art Works by Canadian-Armenian Artists), Canada, Montreal & Ottawa (1990)
  • Wash Art 77 International Contemporary Exhibition, USA, Washington (1977)
  • Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Zand Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1977)
  • Exhibition of Contemporary Artists at Demontrouge Hall, France, Paris (1977)
  • Fiac 77 Art Contemporain, France, Paris Grand Palais (1977)
  • 5th Exhibition of Azad Group in Saman Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1976)
  • Selected Works of Iranian and International Artists at Saman Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1976)
  • Retrospective Show of Iranian Artists at Iran-American Society, Iran, Tehran (1975)
  • International Exhibition, Switzerland, Basle (1975)
  • Third Exhibition of Azad Group at Mess Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1975)
  • Second Exhibition of Azad Group 3rd Gallery of Art and Culture, Iran, Tehran (1975)
  • Azad Artists Group at International Exhibition of Iran-France, Iran, Tehran (1974)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition at 3rd Art and Culture Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1974)
  • Contemporary Artists Exhibition for the Occasion of Asian Games 74 at Art Culture Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1974)
  • Selected Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists, Seihoon Gallery, Iran, Tehran (1974)
  • Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists (Ministry of Art & Culture), Iran, Tehran (1974)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, West Germany (1973)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Pakistan (1971)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, USA, New York (1967)
  • Saba Gallery (50th Anniversary of the April 24), Iran, Tehran (1965)
  • Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of Iran at Bank of Saderat Headquarter, Iran, Tehran (1961)
  • Biennial Iranian Artists Section, France, Paris (1959)
  • Biennial Iranian Artists Section, Italy, Venice (1958)
  • Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Abeiz Palace, Iran, Tehran (1958)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition at Iran-American Society, Iran, Tehran (1957)
  • Contemporary Iranian Artists Exhibition, Iran, Tehran, Abiaz Palace (1956)
  • Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Iran, Tehran, Mehregan Club (1954)
  • Annual Exhibition at Iran-Ussr Society (1950-1953)
  • Mshaguit Culture Centre, Iran, Tehran (1945)

Sirak Melkonian (b. 1931) Untitled

Signed Acrylic on cardboard 55 x 75 cm


Sirak Melkonian (b. 1931) Untitled

Signed, 1976 Oil on canvas 91 x 91 x 2 cm

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

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