Mohammad Ali Baniasadi

Mohammad Ali Baniasadi

He was born in Semnan, Iran, in 1955. He graduated in Master of Art in Illustration and he is an Iranian Famous Painter, Designer and Cartoonist.

He has Illustrated more than 80 books for children and adults such as "Kite and Crow", "God is Close with his Friends", " Sweet Stories of Mouse and Cat".

He was an Illustrator for numerous magazines such as "Rain", "Kayhan Bacheha" and "Soroush of Children and Young Adults" and he has an academic membership in Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University.

He is currently active in various fields, such as Illustration, Graphic, Sculpture and Animation and has exhibited his artworks in different exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Mohammad Ali Baniasadi had been selected as the Iranian Candidate for the World Prize in 2010.

He was jury member in different festivals.

This artist has gained the degree of Sculpture from Kamalolmolk Art Centre in 1974, Animation Degree from Institute of Intellectual Development of Children and adolescents in 1976. BA in Fine Arts of Tehran University in 1980 and MA in Illustration from Faculty of Fine Arts from Tehran University in 2001.

List of Awards and other Distinctions:

  • Nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2015
  • Nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2014
  • Nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2013
  • Nominee for the 2012 Hans Christian Anderson’s Universal Award, was among the top five finalists
  • Honorary diploma, Exhibition of Books for Children with Special Needs, Children’s Book Council - IBBY, 2009
  • Hans Christian Andersen award, International Children’s Book Day Festival, 2005
  • Honorary diploma and plaque, First Festival of Children’s and Young People’s publications, 1997
  • Honorary diploma, Fourth Biannual Exhibition of Graphics, Iran, 1994
  • Gold prize and honorary diploma, Third Biannual Exhibition of Graphics, Iran, 1992
  • Honorary diploma, First Exhibition of Children’s Book Illustrators, Iran, 1989
  • Special Jury Prize, Cartoon Exhibition, France, 1989
  • Honorary diploma, Cartoon exhibition, Bordeira, Portugal, 1989
  • Special Soroush Prize, First Biannual Graphics Exhibit ion, Iran, 1987
  • Honorary diploma and medal at the Yumiuri Shimbun Cartoon Contest, Japan, 1984

Group and Solo Exhibitions:

  • Figurative art festival (2010)
  • Companionship of ages”, Group sketch exhibition (2010)
  • Drawing and auto portrait exhibition (Mah-e Mehr) (2009)
  • Illustrating exhibition (2009)
  • Individual painting exhibition, Homa gallery (2009)
  • Painting exhibition (2009)
  • Individual exhibition of painting and sculpture, Homa gallery (2008)
  • The first festival of Art on justice and hope (2008)
  • The first international festival of figurative art (2008)
  • 8th Tehran international biennial of caricature, Saba cultural centre, Iran, Tehran (2007)
  • Painting and sculpture show, House of artists (2006)
  • Caricature exhibition, House of Caricature (2005)
  • Painting and drawing exhibition, Sa’d Abad gallery, Iran, Tehran (2005)
  • Painting exhibition, Abtin gallery (2004)
  • Biennial of Iranian graphic designers (2003)
  • Painting exhibition, Elahe Gallery (2002)
  • Second periodic fair of children’s book illustration; dedicated to the three predominant Iranian illustrators: (Ali Akbar Nikanpoor, Mohammad Ali Baniasadi, Abolfazl Hemmati Ahouie) (2002)
  • Painting Exhibition, Aria gallery (2000)
  • First caricature fair on “Tehran’s air pollution” (1997)
  • Painting Exhibition, Golestan gallery (1993)
  • Group illustrating exhibition, Itabashi museum, Japan (1991)
  • Exhibition dedicated to the opening ceremony of the first Book City, public library of Hosseinieh Ershad, Iran, Tehran (1991)
  • The First children’s book illustrators’ exhibition (1989)
  • Painting Exhibition, Nashr-e Noghre gallery (1986)

Jury Experience:

  • Jury member of the 4th superior book biennale (2010)
  • Jury member of the 2nd children’s book illustration fair (2002)
  • Jury member of the International caricature contest, Golagha INS (2002)
  • Jury member of the 5th international caricature biennial, Iran, Tehran (2001)
  • Jury member of the 9th children and young adult’s book festival (2000)
  • Jury member of the 4th international caricature biennial, Iran, Tehran (1999)
  • Jury member of the international caricature contest by Golagha institute, Ministry of culture and Art (1999)
  • Jury member of the First Iranian children’s book illustrators’ exhibition (1989)


  • International Biennial of Illustration, Golden Pen (2007)
  • International Biennial of Illustration, Golden Pen (2005)
  • International illustration workshop Bratislava (2007)
  • International biennale of illustration Bratislava (2007)
  • International Aydin Doghan caricature fair (2004)
  • The biennale of illustration Bratislava (2003)
  • International Zagreb caricature exhibition (2005)
  • International Zagreb caricature exhibition (2003)


  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 2007
  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 2006
  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 2005
  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 2003
  • Biennale of Asian Illustrations Japan in commemoration of Jozef Wilkon 2002
  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 2000
  • Biennial of illustrations Bratislava (BIB), 1987
  • Catalogue of exhibition in Itabashi museum, Japan
  • The Illustrators of children’s book Bologna fire catalogue
  • The Pinocchio Dalmondo Series, Italia, 1991.
  • Biennalle intrnale des Illustraturs Pour Ienfance et la Jeunsse1988.

Mohammad Ali Baniasadi (b. 1955) Untitled

Signed, 2005 Wood, wire, fabric, paper and acrylic paint 65 x 55 x 35 cm


Mohammad Ali Baniasadi (b. 1955) Untitled

Signed, 2006 Acrylic on print paper 50 x 70 cm

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