Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani

Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani

Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani was born in Rasht, in the province of Gilan, in 1949. He is a Persian miniaturist, one of the foremost painters who works in the miniature style. He is also a tasheir, which means he practices the art of decorating the margins of books. A Visual Arts School graduate, he is also a gilding researcher. Takestani learned miniature painting from the masters Aboo Taleb Moghimi, Abbas Moayeri, and Mahmoud Farshchian. After a period of researching in Germany, he returned to his hometown and repaired manuscripts kept in the Museum of Hazrat-e Fatemeh and Museum of Hazrat-e Masoumeh in Ghom. He is currently the manager of a traditional precious manuscript repair and bookbinding workshop held in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat-e Masoumeh.

He has since been teaching miniature art at the Tehran University Graphic Art Schools, amongst other art centres. He has been the on the jury board of several competitions and festivals such as First Biennale of Iran Miniatures. He has held solo exhibitions in the field of miniature art and has participated in a selection of foreign exhibitions. He has also written a variety of publications, including an article for the Great Islamic 
Encyclopaedia, an article about the history of gilding for the Great Shia Encyclopaedia, and the following books: Painting Guidance, Book Decorating in Iran, and Style of Gilding and Tasheir in Book Decorating Arts.



Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani (b. 1949) Ferdowsi

Signed, 2016 Gouache and water color 27 x 35 cm

Shirin and Farhad

Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani (b. 1949) Shirin and Farhad

Signed, 2016 Gouache and water color 48 x 32 cm

Zal and Simorgh

Ardeshir Mojarad Takestani (b. 1949) Zal and Simorgh

Signed, 1993 Gouache and water color 48 x 35 cm

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