Amir Ahmad Falsafi

Amir Ahmad Falsafi

Amir Ahmad Falsafi was born in Ahwaz, Iran, in 1958. He started studying calligraphy at the age of 10, learning from the late master Seyed Hassan Mirkhani. He obtained an honoured degree in Nasta’liq Calligraphy in 1980. Since then, he has been teaching calligraphy in the Iranian Society of Calligraphers.


  • Calligraphy of ‘Baba Taher’ Divan
  • Calligraphy of ‘Golestan Sadi’, Calligraphy of professor Hassan Azadeh Amoli Divan of Poems
  • Calligraphy of the Divan of Hafez
  • Calligraphy of all the Persian Poems of Allameh Eghbal Lahori (printed in Pakistan)
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Nowruz’ article of Dr Ali Shariati
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Margha-e Derakhte Dousti’ from Divan of Hafez
  • Calligraphy of the book ‘Pardehayi az Shahnameh’
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Golestan’ from Sadi, Calligraphy the poem of ‘Khajoy-e kermani’
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Rubaiyat’ of Omar Khayyam
  • Calligraphy of Persian translation of the Holy Quran with the Naskh Script of professor Mirza Ahmad Neyrizi (printed by UNESCO in 2002)
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Nastaliq Chlipa Software’
  • Calligraphy of the Arabic and Persian translation of Supplication of Kumayl
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Margha-e Golestan’, Calligraphy the ‘Bismillah’ book (Printed in 2005 as Gang-e Rahmat)

Authorship of:

  • ‘Keshideh’ (draw writing) in Calligraphy from Divan of Hafez, 3rd Edition
  • The introduction of “Dar khalvat-e Hafez’ book
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Monajat-e Hazrat-e Amir’
  • Authorship of writing Nastaliq for Quran
  • Calligraphy and Print the selection of Hafez Poems
  • Calligraphy of ‘Margha-e Sobh-e Omid’
  • Calligraphy and Print the ‘Yad-e Yar-e Meheaban’ Book
  • Calligraphy of the Divan of Hafez, 4th Edition
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Iran, Nicole’ Pictured Book
  • Calligraphy of the Arabic and Persian Translation of Supplication of Kumayl, 2nd Edition
  • Calligraphy of the ‘Cheshm Andaz-Haye Iran’ Pictured Book
  • Calligraphy of the Margha of ‘Albarde’
  • Calligraphy of the Booklet of Neirizi Quran’s Introduction, printed in Germany

Solo exhibition:

  • Puna, India
  • Tehran
  • New Delhi
  • Sorbonne University of Paris
  • Dubai



Amir Ahmad Falsafi (b. 1958) Allah

Signed, 2001 Painting calligraphy 70 x 50 cm


Amir Ahmad Falsafi (b. 1958) Yatavakol

Signed, 2010 Calliography 60 x 60 cm

No exhibition at CAMA Gallery.

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