Sales And Refund

Sales And Refund

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How to sell artworks

In CAMA Gallery, there are two ways to sell artworks, which contains online and physical forms and there is an option for the buyer to purchase the artworks physically if they wish and have access to the CAMA Gallery.

How to send artworks

After submitting the purchase request by the buyer, the company is obliged to complete the sales process within 24 hours and contact the seller, if the artwork was available, the seller should send the artwork to the company office within 24 hours. Obviously, any contradiction of the quality or quantity of the transmitted artwork is the responsibility of the seller and, if the company declares that the artwork has not been received, the seller is obliged to submit the receipt. Upon receiving the receipt of the artwork by the company, the quantitative and qualitative conditions of the artwork are examined by the experts and after confirmation and registration the artwork, a valid certificate from the British Institute of Fine Arts (Trade Guild) will be sent with the artwork. The artwork will be sent in the proper condition and professional delivery for the buyer anywhere in the world. It should be noted that the transportation of artworks has a huge cost, which is up to the CAMA company for customers residing abroad. Please note that costs for any kind of shipping inside Iran is up to our customers, not CAMA Gallery.

How to receive money for the sold-out artworks

CAMA Gallery, by providing the opportunity of financial transactions through international banking system and reliable international bank accounts, offers the art lovers a straightforward way for buying art. Also, the opportunity of making payment in cash is available for our customers. After submitting the purchase request and confirmation of availability of the artwork, customers can deposit the money to account numbers provided by the company and following this process, the last step would be confirmation of our accounting department. In case the amount is deducted from buyers account but has not reached to CAMA’s bank account, we will contact the seller and inform him/ her and then, the buyer should resolve this conflict within 48 hours. After the amount was received and the artwork was sold, the seller will be notified by email and phone call to submit his/ her work to the official office of the CAMA at the appointed time. By receiving the artwork, the company is required to pay the seller the total amount within 48 hours.

Note 1

If the buyer has dissatisfaction while receiving the artwork, the amount will be kept for 5 working days. During this period, the buyer is required to send a formal written complaint, if the reasons for cancelling the purchase and refund are reasonable and acceptable, the buyer can return the artwork, and after this process, the amount will be returned to his/ her account with consideration of the expense.

Note 2

The seller is obliged to inform the company for unavailable artworks to show them in non-sellable or sold state.

Note 3

Since, in Iran the shipping cost is up to the buyer, the seller should pay the shipping cost when delivering the artwork.

Note 4

CAMA website will do its best to display the pictures with the highest quality and best colours but due to the different display qualities, the colours of artworks might be seen differently in compare with the original one. Thus, the website is not responsible for such differences which is displayed in your screens.

Note 5

If the artwork has any contradiction with the given information in the site such as any broken or damaged part, the CAMA company does not have any responsibility about this and the company does not pay any cost to the owner of the artwork.

Note 6

In case that the artwork gets lost during transportation, both buyers and sellers should apply for the insurance services provided by Transportation Company, based on the value of the artwork.