Getaway Tumult

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Tahereh Samadi is the painter of the astonished world and endless perplexity. Her works depict a fictional world with clinical environments that reminiscent of science fiction movies, in which, people with no identity, seemingly accelerated but totally without purpose, are moving. The attractive and fully virtual environments in her works are free from any clear imagination of the place and time. Humans are generally women in formal, distinguished and stylish clothes, but lacking a visible and identifiable personality.

The dominant feature of her painting, during the past decade, is faceless figures. In their background, a dumb and dreamy world consist of escaping buildings, objects, machines, adds to the intrinsic movement of the figures and the overall fluidity of the entire image. It is clear that in this modern world of machinery, there is a significant accompaniment between human and his artefact but as the figures in these works are lacking in identity, their modern and luxurious urban spaces do not present any locative memories. In fact, the artist in a professional way has defamiliarized, both personages and the monuments and objects in their background, in order to draw a vague picture of a damaged and fearful dream related to a fictitious future.

The virtual world in Tahereh Samadi's works is deeply mysterious and allusion, like a dumb and distracted dream. The environments in her works are tangibly in urban forms but they still do not show the everyday life and in fact they refer to an unfamiliar hypothetical world. Perhaps it can be said that she portrays a roam in a strange environment or a stranger in a familiar environment. 

Expert Opinion

A part of content from the Master Parviz Kalantari:

Mrs. Tahereh Samadi Tari is a painter, who challenges the modernism, in a modern way of painting, and in this historical process, shows humanity in a situation, alien to itself. The atmosphere and places in her works are representing utopias after the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, the endless acceleration, is the result of rhythm of the cylinder and piston of the machine in industrial era, which is thrown hastily to the future, and it is natural for Mrs. Tahereh Samadi Tari, as the artist, to have women as the main characters in her works, who are the main victims of this historical destiny. Here, we can see women, sheltered under their umbrellas, that unfortunately, lose their umbrella because of the storm, which means they have no shelter. The paintings are very accurate and clean, especially the chiaroscuro and straight lines. On the other hand, grisailles are placed near one another in a perfect harmony.

I like Samadi’s works, she has a unique painting style, and the feature of her work is that her artworks even without signature could be recognized.

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Tahereh Samadi Tari (b.1981)

Silence , 2017

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Tahereh Samadi Tari

Getaway Tumult - 2015

Oil on canvas 140 x 200 cm Signed on lower right CoA no. 1802131450171

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