narrative of Elmira Shokrpour of Jouissance

narrative of Elmira Shokrpour of Jouissance

11 January, 2019 | Share Article

Where and when, and to whom does jouissance happen? Me! Jouissance is the title of a painting exhibition by Elmira Shokrpour which will be held on Friday 11th January 2018 at CAMA gallery Tehran. In this exhibition, 17 artworks in different dimensions, from 100 x 100 cm to 120 x 240 cm will be showcased, and the entire collection has been created in 2018.

In the statement of this exhibition, Elmira Shokrpour said:” there is moments in our life, in which, we do not want the pleasure to be ended, and leads to our sufferings. Like a fluctuating mental attachment, its initial sense will be perceived at the peak moment but gradually decreases; similar to a rolling ball, moving on a path, and the smallest propellant would deflect it from its path and cause it rolling away. For that peak moment, there is no description; in my painting, after passing through the background, I await the unconscious of that peak moment, and as a discoverer, I wait for the occurrence and the presence of that moment, the beginning of suffering, migration and return. The end of the night is a background, and the day is a beginning and the short opportunity between these two moments is an indescribable moment, which is neither night nor day, nor can it be stopped, and one has to wait for another moment, and re-experiencing that moment, never has the same meaning; and so, this way, I have come to Jouissance.”

Elmira Shokrpour, in an interview with the online gallery’s reporter, stated: “without the audience art is meaningless, and in order for me to present my works of art, I need them. To conceptualize my paintings, I place them in front of the audiences, and by using the language of painting, I communicate with them and pass.

For me, every series of my works is like crossing a stage of my life. To enter into the next stage, painting is a medium between the audience and me, an unconstrained connection or without commitment and unconditional.

When I start to work, first of all, I release my mind and all the world around me and fly away in a distant land, waiting for entrance; entry of someone who is familiar and not far from me, he/she approaches me, and we join together. Duality or dichotomy, reception, intuition and the performance of the image that I have seen somewhere before; I proceed with him/her without limitation and subject, and I reach somewhere, which is no longer a subject, not an object, neither mentality nor objectivity, neither time nor timeless, neither feeling nor experience, it is something, which is everything, but it is nothing, and there is no place other than a world born in my imaginations on a white canvas.”

Concerning the concept of her exhibition, she said: “the reason of choosing this concept is straightforward, where, when and to whom the Jouissance would happen? Me!

Jouissance cannot be experienced by anyone else, but you, and only “you” can understand that moment. The experience only belongs to the person who experiences and cannot be shared with anyone, such as an identity that is not shareable, and when is lost, results in destruction.”


“What will remain if we take the identity of something from it? Identity has two opposing concepts, similarity and distinction. This contradiction has shaped the dichotomy seen in my works. The basis of identity is formed through dialectics between the individual and the community, and I am an individual in the community, and I do not know any way other than expressing images. The world around me is important to me because I live in the same time and place, and I speak through the art window about the inner layers of my mind and my feelings with a medium of colour and form, the same dialectical medium, the same identity.”, she added.


Shokrpour on whether she has been impressed by any particular art school, explained: “In information gathering, people can be divided into three categories; human with the attribute of spider, ant and bee. Spider human has no questions and does not seek anything. They spread their web at one place and wait for what community would say, they absorb and use the pieces of information on television, the internet, and whatever comes to them.

Ant human traces to collect information, but stores it there until they need it, like students and academic professors of art who are excellent collectors.

The bee human collects information, but they are not satisfied, and they pass them all through their mind one by one to create something better, more perfect, sweeter and more incorruptible like honey. My encounter with art schools is like bee humans.

In general, I am against of any school or ideology in which I am not allowed to express my thoughts, so I am multimedia, and I pass through them to reach to what I want. This is because, in my opinion, beauty is not something to discover, but to create and you must be present in its creation.”

She described finding the path of self-exploration as follows: “when you suffer, perhaps it is the moment that you enjoy the most, and this means that you do not know when you enjoy.” Jacques Lacan says: “Jouissance is a moment that I cannot tell. I live in the current moment, and the world around me is important to me because it affects me, while I am affecting it and this identity is formed by this contradiction. When the community cannot help me in consolidating my identity or I cannot identify my community, both sides are in crisis, but the solution to this crisis is dialectical. Meaning my thesis and antithesis does not work alone, there must be a synthetic shaping the final identity. I could only act for my community through colour, form, and image, now the audience reacts to this action; from this action and reaction, a method is created that is identity”.


She continued: “I was seeking the answer to my question, and through giving concept to my works, I got to know Jouissance.

For me, there is no exploration with an end, my discoveries will continue in this direction, because with each new discovery, a new door and a new question are posed to me, which needs to be searched”.

Regarding her technique and style, Shokrpour said: “In my paintings, the concept is important first and foremost to me, and I use every technique and style to achieve the expression of the concept, I do not search, because I already know what exactly I want. The technique is just a mean of expressing the concept, and it does not matter in what way it is expressed.

In today’s modern world, it might not be appropriate to name a specific style for my works. Therefore, I have been impressed by other artists and styles, because the today’s world is the world of communication without borders.”


She added: “in this collection, titled Jouissance, I recreated the effects of the outer world; the reproduction of images that affect the mind and remain in the unconscious state. In fact, Jouissance is the feedback from the outer world, suppression and revelation of pleasure and dualism, and ultimately return to self, which is the method I used in the creation of my works to find the language of my expression from the perspective of others.”


The enthusiasts can visit the artworks created by this artist until January 19, from 17:00 to 21:00, at CAMA gallery, number 44, Farin Building, located in Pasdaran, 10th Golestan street.