Tooran Farhat came with “The Moment” to the CAMA Gallery

Tooran Farhat came with “The Moment” to the CAMA Gallery

30 July, 2019 | Share Article

Tooran Farhat brought her latest paintings inspired by the beautiful nature of the North and the South of Iran to the CAMA Gallery.

According to the Mehr News from the Public Relations of the CAMA Gallery, “The Moment” painting exhibition featuring 15 works by Tooran Farhat showcases from July 26th to 31st at the CAMA Gallery. Tooran Farhat’s works are inspired by nature created using mixed media technique from the years 2017 to 2019.

“The Moment is a record of an instant that does not leave the artist”, said Tooran Farhat about “The Moment” title for her latest collection, showcased at the CAMA Gallery. “In the creation of my works, I was influenced by the beauty of the trees, flowers and roads of Iran from the north to the south, so since I have seen the beauty of Iran, I should have painted all this beauty”.


Untitled from The Moment series by Tooran Farhat


Tooran Farhat was born in 1947, in the city of Lahijan, and has been raised with artful parents and began painting since childhood. Now she is a shining star on the painting stage, especially the stage of nature painting; this artist has attended more than twenty group and solo exhibitions both inside and outside the country including Sweden, Germany, Reza Abbasi Museum of Contemporary Arts and Niavaran Cultural Centre.