This weeks galleries are devoted to the exhibitions of the Azad Art CAMA Vartan and Delgosha galleries

This weeks galleries are devoted to the exhibitions of the Azad Art CAMA Vartan and Delgosha galleries

14 February, 2019 | Share Article

Art Online: The exhibition of paintings by Homa Khosravi, entitled “Dissection” in the Azad Art Gallery, the exhibition of statues by Aref Roudbari, entitled “Verza” in the CAMA Gallery, “Spider Love” exhibition by Hayedeh Ayazi at the Delgosha Gallery, and painting exhibition by Maryam Safari, entitled “Miles on All Side” in Vartan Gallery are the subjects of Art Online in this week.

The Journey to the Inside World

Painting exhibition by Homa Khosravi, entitled “Dissection” is showcased in the Azad Art Gallery. The artworks that are showcased in this collection are the black and white images exhibited in the form of drawings and paintings. Khosravi has shown the plants in these works and has done a kind of observation on them.

Khosravi’s purpose of painting plants was not to make natural look or bring beautiful images to the eyes of the audience. In the first step, by removing colour from her works, she drew away the flowers from their decorative and aesthetic forms and led the viewer to perceive other concepts.

In her small picture, she portrayed the plants individually using ink and pencil. These images are more reminiscent of old studies that were designed by scientists and biologists and aimed at examining different components of plants and their various properties. In these works, the branches and leaves as part of a plant are displayed in a space, giving the audience the possibility of accuracy in their components.

However, another part of Khosravi’s works are paintings that display plants in a different atmosphere. In these works, we observe the solid presence of plants and interconnected leaves and branches that represent the dry and harsh plants. These images, while similar to the types of plants, can be reminiscent of microscopic images of living tissues and cells of the body. Travelling small cameras into human parts of the body or breaking the tissues creates strange images that are not so much about these plants. Occasionally, the audience, beyond these stems and leaves faces the eyes staring at her. These eyes belong to unusual creatures whose bodies are similar to the same plants but are hidden as unknown invaders among the tissue.

The exhibition of Homa Khosravi's works is continued until January 30 in the Azad Art Gallery at Fatemi Square, Golha Square, Salmas Square, No. 5.


The happy crazy world

The drawing exhibition by Hayedeh Ayazi entitled “Spider Love” is showcased in Delgosha Gallery. Ayazi’s works set an imaginary world in front of the viewer’s eyes. In this colourful and crowded world, we see different elements in unnatural positions and imagine ourselves in the world of stories.

Ayazi has not made any limitation on these works and has entered all the elements that have come to her mind in painting. In a picture depicting a blue field with its cactus, we see the strange kind of plants that have formed from the human foot and its heart.

Most of the Ayazi’s paintings have a crowded atmosphere that encloses the relevant and irrelevant elements. The plain and childish five-pixel stars fill the sky of these paintings and snowflakes are seen in space with their geometric shapes. However, the human presence also has a great variety in these works. Sometimes we see some well-known characters such as Sinbad, and sometimes we face figures that have come together with geometric forms and lines.

Other than living creatures, objects and plants, there are other elements in these works, which are typically used as a tool for drawing lines, and they never have a direct presence in the visual works.

Different stencils that are used for accurate drawing of curved lines and angles have found the independent presence in Ayazi’s paintings and featured as characters of the picture. Calligraphy is also featured in these works and Ayazi has included some Persian letters as decorative elements in her artworks. Eventually, the images that have emerged are a crowded, colourful and turbulent world that surrounds today’s humankind.

Drawing exhibition of Hayedeh Ayazi hosts the art enthusiasts until February 17 at Delgosha Gallery located at Karimkhan Street, Iranshahr Street, Mohajer Alley, No. 30.



The exhibition of sculptures by Aref Roudbari, entitled “Verza” is showcased at CAMA Gallery. The subject of Roudbari’s works is human and ox. Sometimes we see these two in the form of independent statues, and sometimes their presence together makes sense. Human has an abnormal shape in these sculptures. In fact, the human figure is combined with industrial elements and various objects, creating a creature that has undergone metamorphosis. There are no people with head in this collection, and in fact there are several components instead of their heads. Sometimes we see a simple cylinder and sometimes a massive stone weight or lock instead of the head.

This metal human is combined with the manifestation of the new life and built an unknown creature. Roudbari combines human shapes with real objects that are used directly or indirectly in everyday life, thus creating a new identity for his subjects.

However, another part of the collection is the ox sculpture, the name of the exhibition is also selected based on its presence. Roudbari lives in the north of the country and usually encounters with the ox in his living place. So, it is not strange that this animal has a direct impact on his works. However, in Roudbari’s sculptures, the ox also goes out of its natural form and is introduced as an icon.

Ox, like humans, has inverted its head in oilcan, it is unable to see and understand the surroundings, or is combined with objects that belong to the human environment. The cuts on the body of the ox that shredded it are a symbol of the damage that comes to the animals today and endangers their lives. Ox whose body has been damaged or lost its hands and feet will challenge the audience with the question of what happened to these creatures. Even if there is a healthy and complete ox in this collection, we see it staring at another ox skull and imagine its future.

Aref Roudbari’s sculpture exhibition is being held until January 30 in the CAMA Gallery. The gallery is located on Pasdaran Street, 10th Golestan Street, No. 24 second floor.


A look into the distance

Painting exhibition by Maryam Safari entitled “Miles on All Side” is being held at Vartan Gallery. The works of Safari are naturalistic, and she portrays a vast and far landscape. Her paintings are reasonably realistic. The natural environment is represented in these paintings as they exist, but the final image is not the same and full representation of nature. Misty images with grey colours display a space of uncertainty that encourages the audience to discover its mysteries.

Though Safari has not drawn any additional elements to the landscape and has avoided imagination, the way of displaying these landscapes is to give a vague atmosphere to the audience. All of these landscapes are images that are far from distant, and the same distance has caused the work to be free of any detail. In fact, what we see is a set of coloured surfaces that together rebuild familiar images of nature for the audience. The remarkable point is that all these natural environments have been corrupted with the presence of an artificial element. The wooden beams, metal bridges, concrete walls and so on, all of which are human-made, are part of the view and have shattered the unmixed space. On the other hand, these elements are the only signs of human existence in these images. Although the audience does not see any human figures in these works, artificial structures are indicative of manipulation of the natural environment and exploitation of this space.

Painting exhibition by Maryam Safari will be held on February 4 at the Vartan Gallery at Palestine Square, West Taleghani, No. 514.