The first and last paintings of Naneh Mokarrameh in CAMA Gallery

The first and last paintings of Naneh Mokarrameh in CAMA Gallery

09 April, 2019 | Share Article

An exhibition of the first and last painting by Mokarrameh Ghanbari, showcasing the personal furniture of Naneh Mokarrameh, a self-taught painter will be held.

According to the Fars News Agency from public relations of the CAMA Gallery, an exhibition of the museum’s collection by Mokarrameh Ghanbari, a self-taught painter from Mazandaran province, will be showcased on Friday, April 12, at the CAMA Gallery. In this exhibition, 30 works from this self-taught artist will be shown along with personal belongings of Naneh Mokarrameh. 

Ali Bolboli, painter and son of Mokarrameh Ghanbari, about the exhibition of Mokarrameh Ghanbari in the CAMA Gallery, said: “this year’s exhibition of Mokarrameh will be different. After she began painting, she painted on the doors, walls and home furniture. Her personal furniture will be exhibited in the CAMA Gallery for the first time; in this exhibition, we have reconstructed a room as Mokarrameh’s house that will allow the audience to explore the depths of the artist’s works.”
He added: “For the first time 30 works from this artist will be showcased, as well as the first work of Mokarrameh’ painting on the rock and the latest piece that was painted before her death. 

Naneh Mokarrameh; Mokarrameh Ghanbari was born in the village of Darikandeh, in the city of Babol, in 1928. She was interested in patterns since childhood, but until the age of 67, due to the difficult circumstances of life, she did not start drawing. The first exhibition of this self-taught artist was held at the Seyhoun Gallery in 1995, and later more exhibitions of this artist were held at the same gallery. 
After gaining her reputation from the Woman’s Studies Foundation of Sweden, she became known as the woman of the year of 2001 and in 2002, as a woman of the year of Iran, received a plaque from the president of the Republic of Iran. Naneh Mokarrameh died in November 2005. 

It is worth mentioning that Mokarrameh’s painting exhibition will be held from April 12 to 23 at the CAMA Gallery. 
Visitors interested in this exhibition can visit Pasdaran Street, Golestan 10, Building No. 44, second floor, CAMA Gallery.