The cafes of the city is narrative in Vida Jilanchi paintings

The cafes of the city is narrative in Vida Jilanchi paintings

18 August, 2018 | Share Article

“The sensory connection of people in the special atmosphere of the café has made me interested and led me look different in my new series, which has its own fascination.” Jinachi said about the Contemporary Tranquillity exhibition.



Contemporary Tranquillity is holding in CAMA gallery


I have always been interested in portraying my or human being’s emotions in general, in different situation and positions, as I have been trying to portray my impression and observation about them in various collections of my works. In contemporary life of my city, people used to go to a cafe even when they are happy or upset, alone or couple and also for their meetings. Spending tranquillity time usually make them feel better. The cafes have become a kind of contemporary tranquillity and I was trying to portray in the way I observes it, using my favourite colours and lines.” Vida jilanchi, the painter, explained about the theme of her works in the Contemporary Tranquillity exhibition at CAMA gallery, to the cultural reporter of Shabestan News Agency.  



To me, cafes are the symbol of a place full of colour, music and tranquillity; a place where many people spend their time there. This idea shaped in my mind when I saw several friends of mine spending hours in their favourite cafes, for different purposes, such as spending happy hours, to play games, for having personal moments or even for filling their loneliness; therefore, the cafes were their stamping ground and other people in those cafés were like their family members.” She said.

“The human being’s emotions have always been interesting for me. In my previous series, the same subject matter was considered, and the Contemporary Tranquillity collection represents a sensory connection of people in a special atmosphere. Humans are full of special or even unique emotions, and as an outcome, the works in my new series depict a different view of the connection between people and the cafés, which is attractive to me.” Jilanchi mentioned.

Contemporary Tranquillity exhibition features 12 artworks of oil painting with acrylic technique.

Contemporary Tranquillity will be held from 17 August to 4 September at CAMA gallery.