The Cote d Ivoire exhibition opened with 50 masks and statues

The Cote d Ivoire exhibition opened with 50 masks and statues

12 December, 2018 | Share Article

The Côte d'Ivoire exhibition opened with 50 artworks of masks and statues from various tribes of Ivory Coast with the presence of well-known cultural and artistic figures in the CAMA Gallery.

According to the cultural reporter of Shabestan News Agency, the exhibition of masks and statues of Ivory Coast people, titled “Côte d'Ivoire” with the presence of cultural and artistic figures and the Côte d'Ivoire ritual ceremony opened on Friday 7 December in the CAMA Gallery.


The Ivory Coast with more than 60 indigenous ethnic groups is a mixture of diverse cultures. Each group of people has been able to build its values based on a specific religion; the material and spiritual culture include masks, beliefs, architecture, painting, sculpture, dance, music, culinary art and language. In a word, every tribe has a distinct identity thanks to its own specific culture. This culture is rooted in traditional “ritualism” and characterised by respect for the spirit of the “ancestors” and ritual ceremony of “honouring” them. These beliefs, along with dances, music, culinary art and special clothing, create particular social behaviours. According to the people of Africa, the world defines as a “constant battle between good and evil”; life is the same good, and degeneration and death are the same evil. Under such circumstances, there is no boundary between sacred and unholy, and all life events such as birth, puberty, marriage, old age, and death linked to spirituality.


In the Côte d'Ivoire exhibition which is dedicated to the African tribal and ethnographic art, and organised by the Cultural Section of the embassy of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in Iran, 50 artworks of masks and statues were featured at the CAMA Gallery in Tehran.

At the opening ceremony, Tamakloe Ouattara, the chargé d'affaires of the Ivorian embassy in Iran, and famous artists such as Hesamodin Seraj, Hadi Montazeri, Majid Barzegar, Majid Molanorouzi, Bita Vakili, Fatemeh Divandari, Shaghayesh Farahani were present.


The Côte d'Ivoire exhibition held with Mohammad Hamzei’s effort at CAMA Gallery and will be showcased from 16 to 26 December 2018.