28 June, 2019 | Share Article

Group exhibition by Mohsen Jamali Nik, Mar Mar Salehi and Babak Pezeshki

According to the Honar Online, the group exhibition, entitled Suspension showcasing artworks by Mohsen Jamali Nik, Mar Mar Salehi and Babak Pezeshki will be held on Friday, June 21st, in the CAMA Gallery.


Became Father by Mohsen Jamalinik


The Suspension exhibition features seventeen paintings by Mohsen Jamali Nik and Mar Mar Salehi and the collection of pottery bowls by Babak Pezeshki.


Mohsen Jamali, a painter who represents his collection of painting on the theme of the population at the exhibition, said: “The works of Suspension exhibition are different. These works are randomly joined together and have no theme affinity. Each collection has its title, my collection entitles Anonymous and Babak Pezeshki’s collection is called Prayer for the Rain, and the title of Mar Mar Salehi’s works is The Tree in My Mirror”.


Mohsen Jamali is a painter and a member of the Iranian Visual Art Institution and has held numerous exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Untitled by Marmar Salehi