Rebel Stitches at the CAMA Gallery

Rebel Stitches at the CAMA Gallery

09 July, 2019 | Share Article

Arezoo Eskandari, a clothing designer, says: "Embroidery as a female art, is an expressive and illustrative medium for exploring, that penetrates the minds of the audience and challenges them again".

Honaronline's Fashion and Apparel Service: Arezoo Eskandari has a textile and clothing master's degree from Alzahra University and London college. She is a member of the Designers Association and an awarded artist by several festivals in fashion and clothing field.

She announced the display of an exhibition titled "Rebel Stitches" at the International CAMA Gallery and said to the Honaronline Correspondent: "The works featured at the exhibition are a collection of embroidery on fabrics on which images are printed. The printed images are either designed by yarn and needle or performed by yarn and nail".

She added: "The collection includes a number of large panels of 85x 55 cm and some small panels with a diameter of 35cm".


Hyperbolic by Arezoo Eskandari


 The clothing designer pointed out that the small panels that were framed in embroidery studio are similar to the original piece for larger boards, adding: "In total, I tried to create them to be simple by using minimum visual elements, including colour and form to convey a rich expression to the audience ".

She said: "The mission of this collection is to look at the woman, without seeing her, and trying to recreate her identity, which is often infected with an objective look. The "Rebel Stitches" is a rebellion against domination".

The clothing designer continued to emphasise the need to pay attention to the traditional stitches and authentic Iranian embroidery and said: "After the world movements for the defence of women's right, human positions in culture and art have been manifested, and this is why today's modern art should be in search for the roots of women's identity".

She added: "Embroidery as female art, for exploring is an expressive and illustrative medium that penetrates the minds of the audience and challenges them again".

The opening ceremony of the "Rebel Stitches" will be held on Friday, July 5th and continues until July 11th at the CAMA Gallery at 2nd floor, Farin Building, 10th Golestan, Pasdaran Street, Tehran.