Kings Speech in Iran 2018

Kings Speech in Iran 2018

12 October, 2018 | Share Article

Khadiri was taught by ancient languages and analyzing ancient Iranian texts and combining them with engraving on the stone and creating the art of calligraphy in a cuneiform.


The “King’s Speech” exhibition with rare Khadiri engravings inspired by the Achaemenid inscriptions was opened at CAMA Gallery in Tehran. Khadiri has trained ancient languages and analysis of ancient Iranian texts and their integration with engraving on stone and the creation of cuneiform calligraphy art. 

Nader Khadiri is an architect and educated in ancient languages. 

The “king’s Speech” exhibition, demonstrating the engravings of Nader Khadiri started from October 6th at the Camp Gallery in Tehran and is scheduled to be held until September 17th for public visitation. 

In this exhibition, Nader Khadiri inspired from the ancient Achaemenid inscriptions, exposing his engravings to the public. 

Nader Khadiri, a researcher and compilation artist was born in Tehran in 1982. In his adolescence, he entered the art and painting world by becoming a member in “Blue-green” group, under the supervision of Ali Bolboli. In the years of 1996 to 2001, along with Ahmad Nasrollahi, he painted works of abstract art at the Seyhoun art Gallery Bahman Cultural Complex, the Art Gallery of Babylon and the Biennial of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the year 1997.


His studies over the past 15 years in the field of Iranian architecture and its decorative elements used in the modern world of architecture today, required him to learn ancient languages and analyze ancient Iranian texts and combine them with the art of engraving on the stone and creating the art of calligraphy in cuneiform.