Kiarostami and Shirdel are going to London

Kiarostami and Shirdel are going to London

19 September, 2018 | Share Article

Art and Culture group: Mona Khosheghal, the director of CAMA Gallery announced a photo exhibition by filmmakers which presents the artworks of Kamran Shirdel and Abbas Kiarostami at CAMA Gallery in London.



“The exhibition presents the photographs by Abbas Kiarostami, Jafar Panahi, Mahmoud Kalari, seifollah Samadian, Naser Taqvai, Kamran Shirdel, Hamid Jebelli and Majid Barzegar that will be held from September 7 until September 30. This exhibition is one of a series of exhibitions that will be held under the title of Time lapse. The first exhibition with this idea was the exhibition of Ahmadreza Ahmadi’s paintings and the photographs by filmmakers are the next one, and this series of exhibitions will continue after that.”, she added. “The aim of this exhibition is to show other sides of the artists. According to the art experts, an artist should have enough knowledge on all the fields in art; for an instance, there was an exhibition of paintings by Ahmadreza Ahmadi, known as a famous poet, which were unique in their kind.”, she explained about the aims of this series of exhibitions.

As the further explanation, she added: “Two to four photographs from each filmmaker have been selected by the artists to be showcased in the exhibition. The photographs by Kamran Shirdel belonging to the early days of the Islamic Revolution, which were kept as film negatives, have been printed after 40 years. Besides, two works by Jafar Panahi will be showcased at this exhibition; the first photo shows drowning scene of the Syrian child and the second photo is a single tree in the memory of Abbas Kiarostami.”.

In the second part of the meeting, which was held on 23 August, the director of the CAMA Gallery reported the six-month performance of the gallery: “CAMA Gallery has been registered two years ago as a cultural and artistic institution in Iran, Sweden, Cyprus and London. The London branch has been opened in December 2017 and the branch of Iran has begun since the first months of 2018.”

In response to a question regarding supervising works of art exhibited in London, she said: “I respect the laws and standards of my country; therefore, I control each work before being sent to London to make sure each follows the regulations and standards.”. “In the schedule of the CAMA, we appointed exhibitions, in which, the artworks by unknown modernists will be showcased every six months at the gallery and one of the exhibitions has already been held.” Khosheghbal added about the upcoming exhibitions at CAMA Gallery.

“The authenticity of the works is determined in different phases; firstly, they are examined based on the personal experience and then with regards to the signature on the artwork, theme and style, ultraviolet radiation, infrared and at the final phase with X-rays. As an instance, the exhibition of pioneers of the unknown Iranian art at CAMA Gallery, the authenticity of a number of works has been identified with respect to these cases.”, Gilda Barimani, the authenticity expert of the CAMA Gallery added at the end of the meeting.