Charge d affaires of Ivorian embassy at the opening of the exhibition of mask and statues

Charge d affaires of Ivorian embassy at the opening of the exhibition of mask and statues

12 December, 2018 | Share Article

Iran can train Africa in the field of museum management. The exhibition of masks and statues of Ivory Coast people, titled “Côte d'Ivoire”, was opened on Friday, 7 December 2018 at the CAMA Gallery.

According to ILNA News Agency, Mohammad Hamzei (the curator of the exhibition of masks and statues) at the opening of this exhibition, said: “the cultural section of the embassy of Ivory Coast, and the CAMA Gallery have held this exhibition in the context of cultural engagement and introduction of the culture of the Ivorian tribes.”


Hamzei continued: “African art is one of the oldest arts in the history of civilization, and tribal art or ethnographic art of Africa, especially masks and statues has a unique place in African art and has had a great impact on contemporary art in the world.”


Tamakloe Ouattara (chargé d'affaires of Ivorian embassy in Tehran), in this exhibition, said: “the embassy of Ivory Coast in Tehran intends to benefit from the opportunity of this exhibition to bring joy and friendship among the people of Ivory Coast and Iran, and arrange a base for the cultural activities of Ivory Coast in Iran. The connection of the CAMA Gallery and the cultural section of the Ivory Coast in Tehran will begin a long-term collaboration between the two institutions.”


Ouattara claimed: “there would be no nation without a culture. The Ivory Coast has a total of 60 ethnic groups that in each of these tribe, every group of people has built its values based on a specific culture. Culture is the only means of being identified among others, and that which is common to all humankind and can create long-term cooperation among people is culture. The creation of the Ivorian cultural section in Tehran and exhibitions like this one are proof of this fact.”


“We know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of an ancient civilization, a fantastic civilization known to the world, with 21 world cultural heritage sites in UNESCO. Iran can train Ivory Coast and Africa, especially in the field of museum management,” said Ouattara.


Mahmoud Shaloui ( Director General of the Department of Cultural and Islamic Guidance and former Director General of Visual Arts) also highlighted the role of the language of the global art in the relation of nations, interaction, and dialogue. 


“This exhibition is an opportunity to introduce the culture of Ivory Coast and its cultural relation with this country,” said Mona Khosheghbal (director of the CAMA Gallery).


At the opening  ceremony of this exhibition, the cultural advisor of Ivory Coast, the agents of Dutch, Senegalese, Mali, Benin and Pakistan embassies, and artists such as Homayoun Salimi, Alireza Shoja-Nouri, Mona Zandi, Shaghayegh Farahani, Soheila Najm, Reza Bangiz, Sohrab Hadi, Bita Vakili, Jila Kamyab, Hesamodin Seraj, Hadi Montazeri, Majid Barzegar, Saeed Mahjoubi, Kourosh Golnari, Mahmoud Asadi, Javid Ramezani, Nader Davoodi, Soroush Ghahremanlu, Farhang Ketabi, Bahram Hanafi, Sara Rahimzadeh, Fazek Jamshidi, Ali Nedaei, Sepand Amirsoleimani, Anahita Hemati, Masoumeh Karimi, Mansour Eskandari, Hossein Ghiasi, Khalil Koiki, Parastoo Salehi, Sepideh Khodaverdi, Shahrzad Daryazadeh, Shahram Lighvani and others were present.

This exhibition will be continued until 17 December 2018, at the CAMA Gallery.