CAMA launching new gallery space

CAMA launching new gallery space

02 February, 2018 | Share Article

CAMA launching new gallery space by showcasing Mostafa Nourbakhs's artworks.


Mona Khosheghbal, chief executive officer of CAMA, said about the launch of this cultural and artistic organization: CAMA opened in London after two years of continuous efforts in December 2017, followed by opening of its other branches in Iran and other countries.

She also commented on the goals of CAMA: “This international organization has been founded with the prospect of introducing Iranian artists to world markets as well as authentic artistic arenas in the international arena; And has entered this field with the goal of streamlining in the professional introduction of Iranian art in the form of launching the CAMA gallery in domestic and foreign branches, as well as holding artistic events and art fairs in the artistic index centres. 

Mona Khoseghbal also expressed her hope and commented: “We hope that with the support of Iranian artists and art supporters we can be the appropriate representative for this important issue and make this great responsibility in the best possible conditions in the dignity of Iranian art and artist.”