Aref Roodbari said one night I became a sculptor by the beachside

Aref Roodbari said one night I became a sculptor by the beachside

14 February, 2019 | Share Article

A sculptor artist explained the sculptures of his new exhibition, Verza. Aref Roudbari, a sculptor whose exhibition of statues titled Verza, will be showcased at CAMA gallery until January 31, about this exhibition and its presence in Tehran, said: “I will come to Tehran to hold an exhibition once I have something to say because I believe that the artist must can influence the culture of people and flip them with artistic expression of issues and problems."

He explained how he started sculpturing: “I became depressed due to my illness in 2011, and that caused me to go to the beach from time to time. On one night which I went to the beach, I started to make a volume without having any prior knowledge of it, and I realised it attracted the people’s attention and they even took pictures of the sand statue. At that moment I felt that I have a power that can be conveyed to my audience so, from 2011 to 2014 I made the statues of sand, which people in the country still know me by these sculptures.”

Roudbari said: “the instability of the sand sculptures led me to work with the material that is more stable, and so I chose metal, and after working with metal, my first solo exhibition was held in 2015 at the Seyhoun gallery.”

Referring to the material of the “Verza” exhibition of waste metal, he added: “the reason that I selected waste metal was to double the audience’s shock by watching the sculptures.”

“I am very involved with people and anyone around me, and this is a challenge to me, and I believe it is my duty to express the issues of my country in the form of a statue,” the young artist said about the idea of making ox and human sculptures. He added: “Also, since I am influenced by the nature of the north of the country and living in the countryside, most of my sculptures are in the form of an ox.”

In the end, he explained about the sculptures of the Verza exhibition: “I used the human and ox statues because my concern was the position and seats that involved people and distracted him from real life. My works have become minimal, because I have shaped these mental concerns in the form of a statue, and the destruction that humankind makes for himself is evident in my artwork.”

Aref Roudbari Shahmiri was born in 1988, in Sari. He graduated with a bachelor in Graphic design. He started the sculpture since the year 2011 when he became involved with illness and depression and built the sand statues on the Caspian Sea coast. So far, several solo exhibitions of his sculptures have been held at the Seyhoun gallery.