An exhibition of photographs by Golestan Kiarostami Taghvaei and Shirdel in CAMA Gallery

An exhibition of photographs by Golestan Kiarostami Taghvaei and Shirdel in CAMA Gallery

14 June, 2018 | Share Article

The Time Lapse Exhibition, by showcasing photos of well-known Iranian directors such as Akasbashi, Golestan, Kiarostami, Shirdel, Taghvaei, Barzegar and many more, will be held in CAMA Gallery.




Mona Khosheghbal, the manager of the CAMA’s cultural and artistic institution explained about setting up the Time Lapse photo exhibition:

“The exhibition of photographs by photographer directors have been commenced based on an idea between Mr. Majid Barzegar, a prominent Iranian filmmaker, and I, following the CAMA’s approaches, for holding various exhibitions in the form of a new atmosphere and diverse topics with the aim of providing excitement for audiences and attracting more visitors to the art galleries.”

“CAMA’s Knowledge-based movements, as well as purposeful and promising proposals for the exhibitions were the reasons for holding an exhibition for showcasing photographs by the internationally well-known prominent Iranian photographer directors such as: Abbas Kiarostami, Ebrahim Golestan, Kamran Shirdel, Majid Barzegar, Naser Taghvaei and other masters.” She said.

The manager of the CAMA cultural and artistic institution explained about showcasing a 130-year-old photograph in Time Lapse Exhibition: “In this exhibition a photograph by Mirza Ebrahim Khan Akasbashi, the first Iranian photographer in Iran, will be unveiled.”

She commented on the Fine Art Award 2018, which was awarded to CAMA Gallery as the best gallery in the UK: “After 6 months of the opening of this institute in the UK, in one of the best areas of London, as one of the major artistic locations in the world, and in a completely professional atmosphere, as the first Iranian art specialist in Europe, due to the professional way of internationally introducing contemporary Iranian art in a wide range, along with the extensive advertising and familiarizing people with Iranian contemporary art, and achieving a remarkable economic reflection as a result, has been chosen as the best gallery in the UK in the Fine Art Award 2018. In an official ceremony, the representative of CAMA had been awarded a present and acknowledgment.”

The "Time Lapse" photography exhibition runs from the 1st to the 10th of July in the CAMA gallery, in Tehran. Those who are interested in the exhibition can visit the gallery at:  2nd floor , No 44, 10th Golestan, Pasdaran St, Tehran, Iran.