An exhibition of paintings by Shahroo Kheradmand at CAMA Gallery

An exhibition of paintings by Shahroo Kheradmand at CAMA Gallery

19 September, 2018 | Share Article

Aria Banou News Agency: CAMA Gallery represents an exhibition entitled Water and Soil showcasing works created by an Iranian prominent artist, Shahroo Kheradmand.



According to Honar Online magazine, the Water and Soil exhibition of paintings by the famous Iranian artist living in Italy, Shahroo Kheradmand, will be held in CAMA Gallery. The Water and Soil painting exhibition is the second exhibition of this Italy-based Iranian artist; a well-known artist in the field of theatre and directing theatre, whose previous painting exhibition, entitled Between Two Curtains, was held in the A Gallery.

In the Water and Soil exhibition, 13 works of art, created by acrylic on canvas will be showcased at the CAMA Gallery.

Shahroo Kheradmand was born in Iran and graduated from Tehran Theatre. She moved to Europe to continue her studies and began studying theatre at Alessandro Fersen School in Rome, where she created her first artwork. She began working as the director of Cst in 1977. She was directing the Trastevere theatre along with Stelio Fiorenza, until 1990. The Sala Uno theatre began its activity in 1997, under the artistic direction of Shahroo Kheradmand. Sala Uno was one of the most significant scenes in the Rome’s Theatre, where great directors such as Luca Ronconi and Maria Martone were directing in. Currently, this theatre is one of the best theatres in Rome with the highest quality of performing programs in 2000, it was awarded the first prize of UBU for one of the programs that was performed there.

The Water and Soil painting exhibition of Shahroo Kheradmand’s works will be run for two weeks, starting from Friday 14 September 2018, at CAMA Gallery.

The gallery is located at No. 44, 10th Golestan St., Pasdaran St., Tehran and will be open from 11 am to 8 pm.