Ahmad Reza Ahmadi I decided very suddenly

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi I decided very suddenly

04 May, 2018 | Share Article

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi is a familiar name in the field of literature who wants to showcase his painting’s works; he says about his referring to painting: “This was a sudden decision".


Ahmad Reza Ahmadi: I decided very suddenly

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi is a familiar name in the field of literature who wants to showcase his painting’s works; he says about his referring to painting: “This was a sudden decision".

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, a poet and writer, said in an interview with ISNA: (Painting) was a very sudden decision; I have not done this before. It was my depression days that I did not do anything and I was sad. I have a friend, Abolfazl Hemmati Ahui, who is a painter and painted one of my books; at that time, he asked me to go to his studio. I went there without any purpose and after sometimes, he asked me to buy brush, colour and paper. 

He continues: he taught me how to paint. After a while, I started to work more seriously and I drew 40-50 paintings. One day, a woman from a gallery saw the works and said that they could not showcase them; after that I stopped painting. ​Ahmadi said about this exhibition: "Recently, my daughter’s friend came to see the works and told us to show them. Then they started collecting and framing the works. Two years ago, I started painting (2016-2017). 40 works, most of which are watercolour, are selected for this exhibition.

I tried very hard to reach the simplicity 

The poet adds: "My writing novel also started this way. I suddenly decided to do it. I am waiting for the reactions and feedbacks of this painting exhibition. By the way, I did not continue painting and I started to write a poetry book.

He says about the features of his paintings and their relation to his poetic style: if you look at the paintings, you'll find them very simple. I did not do anything strange. These works are as simple as my drawings. I wanted to have this experience as well. I struggled so much to reach the simplicity and had a simple and desolate life. It is hard to do simple works. 

According to ISNA, in this regard, Majid Barzegar, the writer and director of the cinema, considers the paintings of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi as an attempt to convey his feelings by watercolour on paper, and says: The works displayed in this exhibition, are describing the current poet’s moods. 

He continues: Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, a renowned poet of Iran's contemporary literature, has been in special circumstances last year and drew paintings to get rid of this situation. Mr. Ahmadi himself, in a memo to the exhibition mentions those days as days of spiritual destruction.

Ahmadi’s poems, writings, letters, and paintings have to be seen and read many times

Barzegar, describes the features of this poet’s paintings: In fact, Ahmadi's paintings are an attempt to convey his feelings by colour on paper. I believe that these paintings are drawn in pure and monumental moments. The previous experience has nothing to do with painting, and he did the same thing in his poems here with colour. Ahmad Reza Ahmadi is one of the most important artists of our time in many fields, and his poems, writings, letters and paintings must be seen and read many times. He says: The works of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi are all his mental images and pictures on paper, and I think that he has succeeded in this way; I thought that this experience and pleasure could be shared and I know that these works have the capability to be displayed.

This director also said: What is important for me in displaying the works of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, is what he did in his first book entitled “Tarh”. A new and more different look in Persian poetry after Nima. These works are also unique. Spots that reflect the poet's mind. The same as in his poems such as: Rozi Baraye To Khaham Goft (I will tell you one day), Yek Manzomeye Diryab Dar Barf Va Baran Yaft Shod (A rare poem found in snow and rain), Viran-e Haye Delam Ra Be Barf Va Baran Miseparam (I will leave the ruins of my heart to the snow and rain), Nasrhay-e Youmie (Daily poems), Vaghte-e Khob-e Mosaebat (Good times of disasters), Daftar Hay-e Vapasin (Latest notebooks), Haft Daftar (Seven books), Lakei Az Omr Bar Divar Bod (The spot of life was on the wall), Ghafie Dar Bad Gom Mishavad (The rhythm is lost in the wind), Hezar Pele Be Darya Mande Ast (A thousand steps left to the sea) and many other of his books.

Majid Barzegar, kindly asked the art lovers to visit this poet’s painting exhibition and said:” I would recommend that the enthusiasts do not miss the exhibition of “Thousands of Robinias were nothing compared to your eyes” Because the works displayed at this exhibition are the current mood of this poet.”


The director of Ahmadi’s paintings says: "From the collection that Mr. Ahmadi gave me, I selected 40 to 45 works for the show, and I tried to present a different experience of the poet to the audience."

Painting exhibition by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi titled “Thousands of Robinias were nothing compared to your eyes” will be opened on Friday, May 27th at the CAMA Gallery with the presence of literary, visual arts and cinema’s folk. enthusiasts to attend, can visit the CAMA Gallery located at Unit 2, No. 44, Farin Apartment, Golestan 10 Street, Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran from 11:00 to 20:00.