“Emancipation” arrived at the CAMA Gallery

“Emancipation” arrived at the CAMA Gallery

29 August, 2019 | Share Article

The display of Fatemeh Divandari’s painting works entitled “Emancipation” starts on Friday, August 23rd at the CAMA Gallery.

According to the cultural group of the Daneshjoo News, from the Public Relations of the CAMA Gallery, Fatemeh Divandari will exhibit artworks in her latest painting collection entitled “Emancipation” at the CAMA Gallery. She created these painting in the year 2018 and 2019 influenced by her trip to Konya. In this exhibition, 13 paintings of this artist display with the acrylic technique.


Fatemeh Divandari said: “My reason to choose the title of “Emancipation” for this collection was my liberation at the time of creating these works. In 23 years of painting, I was involved in the basics and shackle of this art for an extended time, but in this collection, I detached from any strand. I responded to everything that came to me at the moment, and I experienced a new world. This collection taught me the treasure of being present makes miracle and gifts the redemption and emancipation; it was a pure experience”.


Untitled by Fatemeh Divandari


Fatemeh Divandari was born in 1959 in the city of Sabzevar and began painting since she was a mother to three children. She was the first child in the family and became acquainted with the painting by her sisters and brothers. She attended Master Majeed Mehregan’s classes. This artist has participated in solo and group exhibitions abroad so far.