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About CAMA

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While connecting people with art and artists they love, CAMA (Contemporary And Modern Art) gallery intends to show arts knows no boundaries. Nothing can stop art from conveying its message and no language is needed for art to be comprehensive. CAMA gallery provides a large database of mater and emerging artist’s works and enables art lovers to love the art for being art, regardless of its artist’s nationality or personal views. CAMA gallery with its several gallery spaces, besides being an online platform for collecting artworks, gives the opportunity to visit artworks in person and enjoy the exhibitions held in its gallery spaces. CAMA gallery while honouring the pioneers and established masters, at the same time identifies and attracts young talents. CAMA gallery focuses on modern and contemporary Middle Eastern artists and therefore, has exhibited artworks created in a wide range of styles and techniques. CAMA gallery also has been awarded best new gallery prize by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Therefore, the gallery has been an influence on art in Britain since its opening.

CAMA Organization

CAMA gallery is owned by CAMA organization, as an art and cultural corporation, has been formed in response to increasing demands for art and artistic creations. CAMA aims to encourage and facilitate the dissemination of Middle Eastern art, honouring the pioneers and established masters while also identifying and attracting young talents. Amongst its primary goals, CAMA also professes the desire to encourage and facilitate the culture of buying and selling artworks, building an infrastructure to boost the economy in the art market and taking advantage of a variety of specialised services. Through extensive collaborations with a network of professors, professionals and leading experts in various fields of the art world, offering support and services across education, research, exhibitions, curating and consultation, CAMA provides a unique context for thriving entrepreneurship for artists and art enthusiasts alike.

We, at CAMA organization, believe that spreading love, tranquillity, smoothness and aesthetics of art leads the societies to calmness, unity and comfort, which will be the outcome of comprehension of art and culture. The gallery as one of the several projects run by CAMA organization intends to make the art accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation, race, nationality and language, art everyone can enjoy the beauty of art.

Mission & Vision

CAMA Gallery's mission is to revolutionise the art industry in the Middle East. Showcasing art online and in physical galleries, CAMA offers established and aspiring artist’s global exposure and recognition. The CAMA online magazine keeps artists, new and old, updated with global trends whilst also offering insight into the newly internationally accessible marketplace of the Middle Eastern art. Our Mission is to support and promote the visibility and flexibility of the contemporary and modern arts. As the leading authority on modern and contemporary art in the region, CAMA's vision is to build a global brand built on an appreciation of art and culture. CAMA aims to create a turnkey solution for artists, enthusiasts, collectors and dealers; when people think of Middle Eastern art, CAMA Gallery will be the best option.

CAMA gallery aims to honour master artists and introduce young and emerging artists to the world. Our online platform would enable the art lovers to access to special artworks which might not have been seen before, due to geographical difficulties. Art deserves to be seen and to be honoured, a purpose which could be achieved by making art accessible to the world. It should be proven that “art knows no boundaries”. We found it our responsibility as a human being to benefit from the possible resources to enable others enjoying the beauty of art. What art brings to the societies is calmness, peace and life. Art should not be regarded based on its artist’s race, language or nationality. Art is something more than just a decorative subject. It has a voice, it conveys messages, expresses the artist’s thoughts as a human being. Art is a kind of communication which can be comprehended without any specific language.