Artwork explanation

Moslemian does not use the old myths, directly in his artworks, but brings them together with a mental transformation. Myths appear in his artworks, which can be seen on lines with high curves. On the other hand, they can be recognised from some of the characters and people who exists in the artwork, like people who are somehow symbols of authority and power. This outstanding painter says: “most of my artworks are the result of my life in the present situation. In fact, my artworks reflect the occurrence and incidence that we are involved with in daily life. In the process of creating my artworks, I found out that picturing the facts of the social and active events could make the art tangible. In fact, we cannot reduce the dialectic between suffering and beauty or life and death to one of these elements and we must keep this suspended position. As a result, my painting has two layers; an outer layer, which, is attractive in the first sight and is abstract and colourful, and its inner layer, which is tragic and reflects the personal and social suffering.

Expert Opinion

“This continuum is characterised by the expansion and suspension of visual elements, a few ruptures of space, and a contradictory text. Organising his artwork needs a simultaneous synchronization of expressions. In the other word, Moslemian’s painting is characterised by pieces, elements, or constructive components that have been put together like collage. These are often flat surfaces, environmental designs, free designs, depicted pieces, and geometric patterns, fragments of several types of texture derived from daily life, lines, hacks, and lines belonging to various shapes in drawing. In fact, these elements, as different details, form the Moslemian’s painting. These details are like the instruments, which play together, at the same time, in a concert and create a pleasant music. In each of his artworks, some details are more silent, and some are more emphatic, and together, they shape a pleasant artwork. This dynamism can be seen in all of Moslemian’s artworks.”

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Nosratollah Moslemian | Exhibition | CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

Nosratollah Moslemian

Untitled - 2017

Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 x 2 cm Frame depth 86 x 86 x 4 cm Signed on lower left CoA no. 1711141014564

OAR No. 101994 This artwork is unique



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