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The influence of the natural environment of my country is reflected in my paintings. There is a kind of continuity in these colours, which are very close to the nature. Colours, which cannot be replace by another colour. I am still not courage enough to use synthetic (industrial) colours, because for me those colours do not reach that level of polarity and transparency; for this reason, the main colours of my paintings are still black and white, and I use the same tile colours in the paintings..

Expert Opinion

“Maryam Salour is an outstanding artist. Her privilege is to recreate the things that are accepted and normalized to the validity of mental habits, but Salour presents other types of attitudes; as she looks at the bird, the garden, the flower, the clay and to everything that has become routine, but they are still a part of creation.”

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Maryam Salour | Exhibition | CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

Maryam Salour

Untitled - 2007

Acrylic on canvas 140 x 146 x 2 cm Frame depth 142 x 148 x 3 cm Signed on lower left CoA no. 1711141608415

OAR No. 101990 This artwork is unique



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