Left Face No 3

Artwork explanation

For Babak Roshaninejad, painting is a tool for expressing his philosophical vision of life and existence; or Babak Roshaninejad, painting is a self-propelled instrument for expressing its philosophical view of life and existence, his work collections are created alongside each other, and some of them might be created simultaneously because the source of all of them is a common and unique sight. The feature, which provides a new dimension to his works, is the title that artist chooses for each artwork or series, which is somehow the end of his final conversation with his audience.

Impasto on the painting canvas are the personal signature of Roshaninejad. Related to this fact, he says: “For me, the use of oil paints in the creation of work is not merely a tool, apart from technique, I refer to the corporality of colour, too. My vision is aesthetic, and visual metaphors arise with it; especially in the land, that oil has changed its destiny, if in my canvases, the sense of pitch in colours is tangible, I want to remind the audience of their oiliness because the history of me and the people in my country has changed, by existence of this oil, since centuries ago”.

Expert Opinion

Sometimes, even the diversity of subject in a painter’s work cannot change his visual theme. Babak Roshaninejad can be considered as an artist, whose works are divided into various categories, including portraits, magnified objects, military weapons, and so on, however, his visual theme is the same.

Presentation of bitumen-like and thick colours are among significant characteristics in Roshaninejad’s artworks. Using oil paints, as a full volume and thick colour, he attempts to express the metaphorical aspect of visual arts and emphasizes on the act of painting; as if the artist intends to lead the attention of the audience towards the character of his paintings and for this purpose, in these works, around these portraits, there is a slight blank space filled with red and black colours. These characters in each work are condemned to loneliness without companion. The loneliness, which today also overcomes many people at young ages and leads them to isolation and seclusion. Nowadays, it is very often seen that humans are individualised and avoid companionship. These issues and feelings are also seen in the works of Roshaninejad.

At first glance to these works, a feeling of sadness and depression comes from the characters of the paintings, as if they are staring in an oppressed way at the audience, that engages their mind.

Arezoo Jafarian


Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Babak Roshaninejad | Exhibition | SENSATION

London Gallery


group exhibition, 05 April - 20 June

Other works by Babak Roshaninejad

CAMA Gallery | Babak Roshaninejad | Left Face No 2

Babak Roshaninejad (b.1977)

Left Face No 2 , 2013

The Personae Signed, 2013 Oil on canvas 200 x 180 cm

Babak Roshaninejad

Left Face No 3 - 2013

The Personae series Oil on canvas 200 x 180 cm Signed on bottom CoA no. 1803121243097

OAR No. 102181 This artwork is unique


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