Artwork explanation

The profound and calm landscapes, created by Abdolreza Daryabeigi, demonstrate an immortal world with tranquillity. Daryabeigi, who is considered as the second generation of the modern Iranian painters, combines the traditional landscape painting with a reductionist and modern look. A landscape, without human, house, tree and mountain, which, sometimes, extend to the boundaries of abstraction. In her leading panting, a vague and scary glory of the original nature, is depicted in a foggy environment. Minimalism in this artwork, has summarized the subject in a green land, represented in a poetical balance. The painter, by selecting the colour palette of green, blue and coloured-greys, emphasises on this balance and minimalism. Dissolving colours, mildly, and professional usage of water colour’s features, creates an interesting depth and focusing on that leads the soul to contemplation and internalisation. The pictures land, as a symbolic imagination of appearance of the first land in infinite waters, is the foundation of creation of something in distance and in the first moments of creation, where, there is no sign of human yet. An ideal and original world, that the clouds have kept it suspended between the earth and the sky.

Expert Opinion

“Mir abdolreza Daryabeigi, along with Marcos Grigorian, Gholam Hossein Nami, Morteza Momayez, Faramarz Pilaram, Masoud Arabshahi and Sirak Malkonian, created a group of free painters in 1974 following the modernity art. Due to the situation, which, was created during the 20th century, conceptual art was introduced as a symbol of artistic freedom in the 1970s and 80s. This art emerged from the era of minimalist intellectual thinking (minimal art) and was the beginning of postmodernism. In this theory, the concept is important, not the presentation of it, the thought of the artist is important, not the artistic object and the purpose of reaching the concept or idea of the audience.”

Exhibition history

CAMA Gallery | Abdolreza Daryabeigi | Exhibition | CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

London Gallery

CAMA Gallery Opening Ceremony

group exhibition, 28 November - 01 January

Abdolreza Daryabeigi

Untitled - 1975

Acrylic on canvas 64.5 x 125 x 2 cm Frame depth 88 x 150 x 4.5 cm Signed on top CoA no. 1711161713335

OAR No. 102004 This artwork is unique


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