The exhibition of “Lost in Time” by Mehdi Sarookhani at the CAMA Gallery

The exhibition of “Lost in Time” by Mehdi Sarookhani at the CAMA Gallery

11 July, 2019 | Share Article

The Lost in Time exhibition featuring 13 artworks by Mehdi Sarookhani, a graphist artist and painter on Friday, July 12 at the CAMA Gallery

According to the Mehr News, from the Public Relation of CAMA Gallery, the Lost in Time exhibition featuring works of Mehdi Sarookhani who created the painting works of the Lost in Time collection by using mixed media technique in the years 2014 to 2016.

Untitled form Lost in time series by Mehdi Sarookhani


Sarookhani said about the Lost in Time collection: “One of my mental concerns has always been the existence of different individuals and characters out of their time and place, that what other people might experience with their particular thoughts, clothing, behaviour and speech, and what routines they would do. This concern caused the creation of this collection. People in the Qajar era were the reason for creating the present works and image integration of these characters in today’s atmosphere outside of their time and place and in the midst of a glamorous and troubling world. Perhaps they, as well as us, were captured by time and place that they did not get to choose. While today’s world could also experience other individuals. Those who were lost in history while could be remembered by the technology of today’s world”.

The Lost in Time painting exhibition will be showcased from July 12 to 17th at the CAMA Gallery. Enthusiasts can visit this display at the CAMA gallery, N0.44, 10th Golestan, Pasdaran Street.