The “Silence” of Mohammad Moghadasi came to the CAMA Gallery

The “Silence” of Mohammad Moghadasi came to the CAMA Gallery

08 August, 2019 | Share Article

The exhibition of volume artworks by Mohammad Moghadasi entitled “Silence” will be showcased from Friday, July 2nd to 7th at the CAMA Gallery.

According to the Mehr News from the Public Relations of the CAMA Gallery, the “Silence” exhibition showcasing sculptures by Mohammad Moghadasi from a collection entitled the “Inner peace” that is inspired by nature and the surrounding environment, will be held at the CAMA Gallery.

Seven statues of this artist will be displayed in the “Silence” exhibition; most of them are made of wood and metal and are influenced by nature and the artist’s surrounding. Mohammad Moghadasi has created five of the works for a collection called “Inner Peace”.


Untitled from Inner peace series by Mohammad Moghadasi


Mohammad Moghadasi says about choosing the title of “Silence” for his wooden works: “Silence is a window for comprehension of the gist. In the course of life, there are dos and don’ts that form the events, the locks and chains which separate the human being from him/herself. Inner Peace polishes the walls between me and myself so that I can flow with universe free and fluid — liberation from internal and external aberrations and exertions. Moreover, the culmination for me still is an unsustainable perfection.


The “Silence” exhibition runs from Friday, August 2nd to 7th at the CAMA Gallery. Visitors can visit the exhibition on Pasdaran Street, Golestan 10, No.44, Farin Building, Unit 2 CAMA Gallery.