Paradox is showcased at CAMA Gallery in Tehran

Paradox is showcased at CAMA Gallery in Tehran

13 June, 2019 | Share Article

An exhibition of the painting works created by texture style with a pen by Mostafa Nourbakhsh, a calligraphist and painter, entitled Paradox will be held on Friday, June 14th to 19th at the CAMA Gallery

Etemad Online- The Paradox exhibition featuring artworks by Mostafa Nourbakhsh, an artist from Shahrekord will be held from June 14th to 19th at the CAMA Gallery. 

In the Paradox exhibition, nine calligraphic works created by texture technique with a pen will be showcased. In these works, Nourbakhsh has tried to represent the other glorification of calligraphy's potential performances by interfering emphasis and enhancement of other visual qualities such as repetition, contrast factor of size, and paradox of transparency and opaqueness. 

Mostafa Nourbakhsh is a calligraphist and painter who was born in 1968 in Shahrekord. The artist has a distinguished degree from the Iranian Calligraphy Association, and since 1997 he has begun research on new trends in Calligram and has been able to create notable and unique techniques in the production of his works using composite materials.