“The Moment is a record of an instant that does not leave the artist”

“The Moment is a record of an instant that does not leave the artist”

09 August, 2019 | Share Article

The painting artist considers “The Moment” as a record of an instant that does not leave the artist and says: “In the creation of my works, I was influenced by the beauty of trees, flowers and roads of Iran from north to the south”.

According to the Shabestan’s cultural correspondent, painting works by Tooran Farhat entitled “The Moment” showcase at the CAMA Gallery. These works are created using mixed media technique. Tooran Farhat graduated in Painting and she holds a master’s degree in Graphic, and she has been a teacher for many years. She has participated in 23 international exhibitions inside and outside the country. Although she is working as a painting teacher, she had not held any exhibition for a long time. This exhibition was an excuse to discuss with the artist as below:


Untitled from The Moment series by Tooran Farhat


Why did you choose the title “The Moment” for your display?

“The reason is obvious. Once I see a pond or a meter of space, it sticks in my mind. It may take months or a year that I don’t reflect that, but as I get the opportunity to recall I will immediately grab the brush and paint “The Moment”, because this moment and “The Moment” is our stimulus and otherwise the pre and post planning will not allow performing the feeling that I have. It is like other senses want to overcome, but once at the moment, something recorded in your mind “The Moment” will remain forever, it will not leave your mind”.


Are the works of “The Moment” exhibition inspired by nature? Why are you inspired mostly by nature in your work?

“Because most of the time, I take a walk in nature and look and what I care during my walk are trees, flowers and roads- the things I lived for a lifetime. I have seen the beautiful nature of the north and the south. Even though I was born in the North of Iran, I was raised in the south, so I got to see the beauty of Iran. Because I am an emotional person, I have to portray all that beauty and live with it. I am grateful that this satisfies me”.


Have held an exhibition before “The Moment”?

I had a lot of exhibitions as I used to have my gallery before, and I had many solo and group exhibition with my students, but it has been a few years that I had no exhibition because what I had in my mind was not interesting to be shown. Getting to know the CAMA Gallery induced me to decide to have an exhibition immediately. Indeed, I have not held an exhibition for many years, but now I am satisfied to do so”.


Why did not you have an exhibition during these years?

“It does not have any special reason, I am always teaching and learning, and I honour what I do. What is interesting and exciting to me now is the different techniques and tools that I used in my new works, and I achieved excellent results”.


How many works have been showcased in “The Moment”?

This exhibition features 15 works. I hope to be able to showcase more in the next exhibition”.


When were the works of the “the Moment” created?

“The works were created during the years 2017 to 2019.


Has your thought-path in the creation of painting works always been the same or it was different?

“No, in the previous exhibition I had 40 to 45 pieces including flowers and the Shahnameh (The Book of Kings); I admire the character of Gordafarid and have performed many of this character’s thoughts in my works. These works have sent overseas, and a few remained. These works have a new style, and overall Shahnameh makes me feel great, and I have good intellectual compatibility with Gordafarid character”.