“Lost in Time” character integration from Qajar era in today’s atmosphere

“Lost in Time” character integration from Qajar era in today’s atmosphere

12 July, 2019 | Share Article

A painter and graphic artist named the Lost in Time collection an integration of Qajar with today’s atmosphere and said: “The works of this exhibition are the result of my mental concern and the existence of the individuals and different characters out of their time and space”.


According to the Shabestan News Agency, the Lost in Time is the title of Mehdi Sarokhani’s painting collection, a painter and graphic artist, will be held on Friday, July 12 at the CAMA Gallery. The display of this exhibition was an opportunity to sit and talk with this artist who has set up individual painting exhibitions such as “Mostazarrof Industries” and “Qajar Banquets”.


Why did you choose the “Lost in Time” title for your collection?

One of my mental concerns has always been the existence of different individuals and characters out of their time and place, that what other people might experience with their particular thoughts, clothing, behaviour and speech, and what routines they would do. This concern caused the creation of this collection. People in the Qajar era were the reason for creating the present works and image integration of these characters in today’s atmosphere outside of their time and place and in the midst of a glamorous and troubling world. Perhaps they, as well as us, were captured by time and place that they did not get to choose. While today’s world could also experience other individuals. Those who were lost in history while could be remembered by the technology of today’s world”.


What idea did you use from the historical figures of the Qajar era in the creation of your works?

“This idea of what might happen for various individuals at different times was the reason for creating this works, that I began with people in the Qajar era, should have started from a period. The Lost in Time exhibition belongs to the Qajar era and the next exhibitions will display individuals from different ages”.


Untitled from Lost in time series by Mehdi Sarookhani


In fact, is the subject of these works the time travelling of people?

“Yes, people come in different times; people have their own characteristics and may be alienated in a period, this is in fact a journey in time that takes shape. People of each era travel according to their personality at the time, if people of that time were using today's technology, something else would have happened to them; there are in the works, some people from the Qajar era who just got acquainted with the camera and photographed. Now, those people have come to our era making films and receiving the Oscars, those who were at that time and knew the camera. If they were existed today, they would have been great filmmakers, and we would see new people other than those we now have. Perhaps their talents wasted due to lack of facilities in our today’s world”.


From other view, one can say that is the course of human evolution over time?

“No, if that person was acquainted with technology, he/she was different with the coordinates of our time”.


What was your aim to recreate historical figures in the modern form? Was this in the way of historic nostalgia?

“There is no nostalgia, I did not want to recreate those people, they were just a reason to express my mentality. The personality of people was not important; they are formed in my works just because their dependence to that era”.


Untitled from Lost in time series by Mehdi Sarookhani


How many works have been featured at the Lost in Time exhibition, and what time were these works created?

The exhibition features 13 works created in the years 2014 to 2016.


What techniques have been used in the creation of Lost in time collection?

“The works of this collection have been created using mixed media technique and I have used various materials such as printing on canvas and oil”.